Pressing the tummy with hot water after delivery or childbirth. Massaging the tummy with hot water after to reduce belly fat and for flat belly.

So I made a post asking why women press hot water after giving birth and I quite some response….

People say they use it to flush out bad blood….others say they use it to burn baby fat in the belle…

This article was written by Dr Kelechi Williams Igbokwe and adapted by for the education of our numerous readers.

Now it is important to state, that no scientific research has proven this hot water pressing after delivery useful to the woman, in fact a research that was done, found out how unhelpful such practice was.

This practice is common in Africa especially Nigeria, and it is totally a carried over practice that has shown no medical) scientific relevance…

Pressing the tummy with hot water after delivery
Pressing the tummy with hot water after delivery

Usually, when a delivery (CS of VD) is done, and placenta delivered (which is the 3rd stage of Labor), the uterus is massaged to initiate a contraction. Once it starts contracting, every bleeding stops except the woman has a tear on the cervix or vagina.

It is important to note that after delivery (whether CS or Vaginal delivery), the uterus (womb) starts contracting takes time to return back to it’s normal pre-pregnant state (about 6-8 weeks), with or without pressing anything.
The uterus has the capability of contracting itself to expel anything left off inside, after a deliver by a professional has been conducted and the placenta carefully removed.

Now the reason your tommy looks big is because of the fat accumulated during pregnancy and this can be corrected by exercise, diet etc….
Abroad, alot of Nigerians ladies gave birth and no one was pressed hot water on their tommy, no one sat on hot water, yet nothing happened to them. Eventually, they did a lot of workout and the lost a lot of tommy fat.

Most women here who haven’t even given birth before have their tommy big as though they have given birth….do you wanna tell me there is ‘bad blood’ in there? All na BUNKERS…
Forgive the long post, but permit me to tell you my experience.

– A woman had a cesarean delivery and she was doing very fine….her mother came and said she wants to press hot water on her, we said NO.. Some weeks after discharge, we saw her and behold the sutures were almost all broken down. We asked what happen she said her mother pressed hot water on her…

– Another woman had a vaginal delivery, but we had to give her a cut (called episiotomy) so the baby comes out easier. The cut was sutured (stitched) and bleeding arrested. We saw this woman days later, she was in so much pain, she could barely stand upright. I asked what happened she said she was asked to sit on hot water and she did… Well I examined the vagina and behold, the sutures were gone and some infection had already set in.

Pressing or sitting on hot water will melt the stitches (suture) and expose you to infections…. secondly it can burn you, also exposing you to an infection as well.

There is no need to press your tommy with hot water or sit on one…..Let’s learn to unlearn.

-Dr Kelechi Williams Igbokwe


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