How much does Spa treatment cost in Nigeria?


Are you guilty of asking this question?
I cringe any time i hear that question asked. Dear sir and ma, the reason why i cringe is because the question as is has no meaning whatsoever. Do you want me to tell you that spa treatment in Nigeria cost #10,000, #50,000 or #150,000 Naira?

Would you go into a restaurant and ask how much food is? Wouldn’t you ask to see the menu first so you know what your options are?

Neither would you enter a Shoe shop and ask how much the shoes were, without being specific about the style, color and size.

Let me educate you a bit, a Spa is a place, a building or a structure, devoted to providing a variety of health, beauty and relaxation services such as facials, body massages, body scrubs and all sorts of water therapy treatments. You ‘GO’ to a spa, it is a destination and NOT a treatment or service.

Next time you want to find out the cost or description of a specific spa treatment, kindly refer to it by name and if you’re not sure just ask what specific services the spa offers and ask for a description of the services.

Dear reader, have you ever been to the spa before? What treatment(s) have you gotten at the spa? What treatment(s) are you looking forward to getting?

I recently visited one lately after I did aerobics and was having serious body pains and must confess it was like magic, the pains vanished….. Had Swedish body massage, would encourage people to do this often.

How often can one does this?

It is simple, it depends on your budget and the service. A massage can be weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or as needed. Facials are usually monthly. Speak with a professional and they would tailor out a personalised recommendation for you

Spoke with some persons about visiting a spa recently and here is what they have to say…

Amina: “Never been to a spa before. When I do I’d go for a full body massage, facials, pedicure and manicure.”

Chiaka: “Been to the spa twice. Twas a great experience. Nice feeling of pampering myself. I really liked the steam bath and massage. The 2nd time, I tried microdermabrasion. Choi, that thing was painful.”

Kumuri: “I would love to go for body polishing one day.”

You can now see that asking the question about the cost or price of going for a spa treatment in Nigeria is not really the best question to ask…. This question can best be answered based in the body therapy or body workup you are going for in a spa…. See the menu first!

PS: A place where they sell only skincare products is NOT a spa😁.

Thank you☺😊

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