Is it good to eat snail when pregnant? why is snail not good for pregnant woman? It is all myth, See the Health benefit of snail for pregnant woman in this article.

A pregnant woman during antenatal one asked me if it is good to eat snail in pregnancy because she heard it makes children drool saliva and become super sluggish. A pregnant woman also told me she stopped eating snail because she heard it can make her child unsuccessful in all her life endeavours when born. Eating snail in the dream is considered a bad dream or a taboo in Africa especially in Nigeria.

If you are pregnant and you eat snail in your dream, the scare is too much… some pastors require you and your unborn baby to go for deliverance.

Babies and young children are even deprived snails because it is believed it will make them dull, drool and sluggish. It is a widespread myth in Africa that is depriving pregnant women and children of healthy and nutritional meals.

Can A Pregnant woman eat snail?

My Answer:

Many pregnant women want to eat snails and even crave snails during pregnancy but are afraid of some mythical and unfounded or even unknown spiritual and medical side effects and dangers like sluggishness, drooling of saliva, spiritual attacks and so on.

Some educated people I have spoken with even believe that eating snails when pregnant, the child will be born with drooling disease, delayed speech, disability, delayed mental development and delayed developmental milestones. These claims are false.

Is it good to eat snail when pregnant?
Is it good to eat snail when pregnant?

FACT: There has not been any established link between snail consumption and sluggishness or excessive salivation in babies. On the contrary, the giant African snail (Archachatina marginata) has been shown to be a rich source of protein, folic acid, trace elements, and minerals which are needed for proper growth and development in babies. Folic acid helps to prevent anemia in pregnancy and congenital birth abnormalities like spinal bifida in newborns.

So Is eating snail during really that dangerous?

Snail is full of protein, vitamin E, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, copper and selenium, and high in good cholesterol. This attributes make eating snail safe in pregnancy.

However, it is true that snails live on the seabed and field, so they can carry many parasites that live for a long time, they only die with high temperature.

Therefore, before taking snails, they must be washed thoroughly and cooked very well.
Eating uncooked snails will cause diarrhea, fever, vomiting, and abdominal pain for anybody including pregnant women.

Snails should not be eaten in unhygienic processing areas or from unknown origins.

When thoroughly washed, diced, salted and prepared and cooked, eating snails is completely safe and healthy in pregnancy. Are you pregnant? Please add snails to your meal plan.

You can now see that snails has many health benefits to a pregnant woman especially as it it rich in folic acid. Forget and ignore all those myths of drooling and sluggishness in babies whose mothers ate snail during pregnancy. It has no scientific basis.

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