Benefits of roasted corn (guguru) and groundnut (epa)

Guguru simply means roasted dry corn or maize while epa is a yoruba name for groundnut…roasted corn and groundnut popularly called guguru and epa is a well known and proven aphrodisiac, and libido booster. Guguru and epa helps thicken watery sperm and makes the semen thick. Roasted dry corn and roasted groundnut helps improve male erection, treats erectile dysfunction, cures premature ejaculation, treats weak erection and thicken sperm.

Benefits of roasted corn and groundnut
Benefits of roasted corn and groundnut

Before I talk more… Let me take you into the grey area of male infertility below.

In this part of the world, women carry the burden of childlessness with regular ‘gbas gbos’ from hubby,mother-in-law,friends & even strangers.

But did you know that 30% of fertility issues come from THE MAN? To put it in context, 1 in 3 men have fertility issues!

Common causes of Male infertility

– Smoking
– Obesity
-diabetes milletus
– Excessive drinking of alcohol
– Use of certain drugs
– Sexually Transmitted Diseases
– Overheating the testicles(Sitting for long periods,wearing tight clothing,working with a laptop on your thighs)
– Ejaculation issues(Premature/ED)
-coronavirus infection

Good news?

-Don’t smoke
-Limit/abstain from alcohol
-Steer clear of illicit drugs
-Maintain a healthy weight
-Avoid things that lead to prolonged heat for the testicles
-Reduce stress
-See your Doctor for treatment(especially for STDs).


Are you having a problem with erection… You penis no dey stand for long? Eat the following:

1. Watermelon

2. Banana and groundnut

3. Guguru and epa (groundnut)

4. Tigernuts

5. Dates

6. Watermelon + tigernut smoothie (very important)

Don’t forget to see a doctor.

How to use guguru and epa for libido and low sperm count.

It is easy… Just buy a bottle of roasted corn and groundnut and be snacking on it every time… with water…Eat as much as you can until you head is paining you and drink water. Eat guruguru and epa everyday to get the desired result. You will notice your sexual stamina will improve in a matter of weeks, your erection will improve, your watery sperm will be a thing of the past, your sperm without become thicker and you will be energetic… Don’t forget guguru and epa is also satisfying and can satisfy your hungry stomach…groundnut and roasted corn has no side effects. It cures and prevents constipation.

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