Health Benefit of drinking malt and tin tomatoes paste…Can a pregnant woman drink malt and tin tomatoes?

There is nothing beneficial about drinking maltixed with tin tomatoes… Nothing at all. Wait, I mean people actually mix malt, milk and Tomato paste (Agolo tomati) to boost red blood cell production.. But this is a lie (quackery) that have been carried too far and has now taken root in Africa.

Malt and tin tomatoes even when mixed with milk does not give blood…. Malt and tin tomatoes does not contain iron so cannot increase your PCV (PACKED CELL VOLUME) or hemoglobin concentration. Malt and tin tomatoes does not cause weight gain. Don’t waste your time please.

Benefit of drinking malt and tin tomatoes
Are there really benefit of drinking malt and tin tomatoes? No

Do you know that drinkinga mixture of malt and tin tomatoes can aggravated your stomach ulcer? Yes, it can… It can even injure your stomach lining and leads to peptic ulceration. Malt and tin tomatoes is like poison to the stomach… Be aware.

Please who can point me to the quack that started this practice of using malt and tomato paste to replenish the blood? I just want to talk…The day i saw a woman mixing tin tomatoes and malt to give her son in emergency room, i gave up! Are they transfusing the patient with the tomato paste or what?! It is a sad and very wrong practice.

Na so i receive consult for one boy at children emergency… Bleeding from the tongue for one week.

Father said he has been giving the boy Maltina and Tomato paste… GCS was 4. Boy died while examining.
If u see the way i was angry at the father. He knew he really messed up. He felt disappointed in himself.

Did you check your blood level (PCV) before and after consumption to be sure that malt and tin tomato paste works? Don’t worry, it does not work and there is no scientific basis for that. It is quackery and can harm you..

Drinking malt and tin tomatoes can cause food poisoning with possible symptoms like vomiting, diarrhoea, dehydration, abdominal cramps, nausea, weakness, dizziness, passage of blood stool, coma and eventually death.

Other possible side effects of drinking malt mixed with tin tomato paste are kidney damage, liver damage, constipation, intestinal obstruction, stomach ulcer, allergic reaction and gastroenteritis.

Malt and milk with tin tomatoes does not give blood! Stop poisoning yourself.

When you mix tin tomatoes + peak milk + malt together and drink what are you trying to achieve please?… Nothing. …Some even mix Coke and tin tomatoes for blood…. It still doesn’t work.

Can a pregnant woman drink malt and tin tomatoes? No…. It can cause miscarriage since it will stress your pregnancy and unborn baby… Don’t take malt and tin tomato paste at all, not even during pregnancy. Please.

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  1. With all due respect, this post is meant to truly educate us on why the combo is a myth and not a fact but it’s more of disapproving with no in-depth revelation of why the combo is bad. The health disorders too- on what basis are those established. Clarity is an important tool of information and communication for proper direction.

  2. For all those shouting that it works you should be thanking your God that a placebo effect and the Grace of God kept you alive instead of discrediting scientific facts and knowledge.

  3. I just took it,I have been taking it for over 3yrs or 4yrs it works fine more than the blood tonic they sell in the pharmacy. Don’t discourage people pls

  4. It works. I’m currently pregnant in my first trimester, last week i was feeling a severe headache & it lasted for about 3days i couldn’t take paracetamol or any drugs cos i had no clue on what drug to take that won’t harm my pregnancy so i spoke to my sister & she ask me to go get multina & gino sachet tomato so I did & in less than 5mins three days headache was gone. I disagree with you respectfully cos it works.


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