Can A physiologist work with NAFDAC?

Yes a physiologist can work in the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC). Other professionals that work in NAFDAC are pharmacists, doctors, biochemists, botanists, zoologists, animals scientists, Chemists, epidermiologists, biostatiticians, biologists, lab technologists, medical lab scientists, pharmacy technicians, nurses, and other science related fields. Other professions like lawyers, business adminstrators, accountants, statisticians, public administrators etc can also work with NAFDAC.


1. Breweries

2. Refineries (oil companies)

3. Banks

4. Factories

5. Universities as lecturers

6. Hospitals

7. Laboratories

8. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in Nigeria.

9. Sports

Physiology is a 4 year course in Nigeria. Many universities in Nigeria especially those with accredited medical schools offer physiology as a course.Physiology is under the faculty of basic medical sciences.

Can A physiologist work with NAFDAC?
Can A physiologist work with NAFDAC?

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Who is a Physiologist?

A physiologist looks at the body at both the cellular and molecular levels. They attempt to determine what conditions are normal and what causes abnormal conditions as the body parts work together. The breadth of physiology allows those who study it to focus on any number of specific diseases or events.

Many physiologists split their time between laboratory and office work, working with patients, and working alongside medical specialties that will benefit from increased knowledge about the cells in the body. For example, physiologists may work closely with nephrologists to discover how to improve kidney function; work alongside organ transplant specialists to develop the best ways for patients to retain their new organs after transplant, and with pharmacologists to develop effective treatments and drug therapies for patients.

Physiologists need to develop strong math and communication skills in order to analyze data and express discoveries. They also need critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills and a highly developed sense of teamwork in order to succeed.

Physiology is still an emerging course in Nigeria.With time, it will become fully developed. To recap, physiologist can work with NAFDAC.


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