Nigerian meals under 500 calories + Calories in Nigerian foods…500 calories Nigerian diet plan, 800 calories Nigerian diet plan.

A calorie is a unit for measuring energy. In nutrition, calories refer to the energy people get from the food and drink they consume, and the energy they use in physical activity like walking, jogging, talking, eating, cycling, footballing, reading etc. Calories are listed in the nutritional information on all food packaging. Many weight loss and weight gain programs centre around reducing the intake of calories (increasing the usage of calories) or increasing the intake of calories (reducing calorie expenditure).

I have received quite a number of messages from persons who want to have a list of Nigerian foods whose calorie is below 500 calories…just recently , a lady rang me up to enquire about 1200 Calorie Nigerian diet. So I decided to write about this today by giving you a comprehensive list of Nigerian foods and their calories….over 50 foods where captured here.

Nigerian meals under 500 calories + Calories in Nigerian foods.

1. White rice — 693 calories per cup. I think this has got the highest number of calories.
2. Fufu — 330 calories per wrap
3. Pounded yam
4. Eba — 400 calories per cup.
5. Fried plantain — 68 calories per slice
6. Beans — a cup of cooked beans with oil contains 520 calories
7. Nuts! I bet you didn’t know that as small as they are, they’re packed with high calories, especially peanuts (Nigerians call it groundnut)
8. Banana — a finger contains about 100 calories. Imagine eating more than one with nuts.. lol
9. Margarine — 102 calories per cup
10. Bread
11. Semovita — 600 calories per cup, and I bet you didn’t know.
12. White flour — 455 calories per cup
13. Soybeans — 446 calories per cup
14. Amala — 352 calories per cup
15. Moi-moi — 306 calories per wrap
16. Okpa — 250 calories per wrap
17. Indomie noodles — 640 calories per super pack
18. Egusi soup
19. Corn — be it roasted or boiled.
20. Milk
21. Pap


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