Raw pap for weight gain (Benefits of Mixture of raw pap, raw egg and Milk).

This article will answer these questions below:

– What does raw pap and evaporated peak milk do to our body?

– Can pap and milk make me fat?

– Benefits of a mixture of raw egg raw pap and milk

– can raw pap and raw egg make someone to gain weight?

– Does pap and milk make someone add weight?

– Raw egg with milk for weight gain

Raw pap is made of dried corn, soaked and washed for three days before grinding. After grinding, you seive, cover and start using it for whatever you feel like using it for. You can buy it or prepare it yourself.

Aside from cooking pap with hot water, you can drink it with milk and/or raw egg for weight gain or to become

How to take it.

If you want to get fat naturally, raw pap, milk and egg will do you good if only you can drink it raw with peak weak or Three crowns milk( twice in a week)



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