How much is a Pharmacy technician salary in Nigeria?

We will be discuss that, but first let us quickly look at the differences between a pharmacy technician and a pharmacist..

Look at this;

A pharmacist has a college degree, state licensure and credentialing requirements. And pharmacists make way more than pharmacy technicians…but pharmacists also have much more responsibility.

Pharmacy technician salary in Nigeria
A team of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

A pharmacist is the person that makes sure that the doctor prescribed correct miligrams or medicine for the patient and important stuff like that.

Pharmacy technician is the person that puts the drugs in bottles and takes care of other lab duties.

Pharmacists go to college for at about 5- 6 years to become a certified pharmacist. They are basically ‘Doctors of medicines’. They know all about drug interactions, drug uses and things like that. Technicians bascially operate the pharmacy, filling prescriptions, handling insurance, paperwork things like that. The Pharmacist has the full responsibility of the pharmacy. If anything goes wrong it gets put on the pharmacist, whether it was their mistake or not. Pharmacists verify that all prescriptions were filled correctly and also check to make sure there are no interactions between medications.

There is a huge salary difference between a Pharmacist and a pharmacy technician.

In the United States, The biggest difference between pharmacists and pharmacy technicians is
the area of earning, with this, I mean salary. A pharmacist make at least $100,000 per year while a pharmacy technicians about $30,000……

Criteria To Gain Admission To Study Pharmacy Technician in Nigeria and what the programs entails.

The admission process starts from the subjects offered during secondary schools in which senior school certification examination (West African Examination Council, W.A.E.C, National Examination Council, N.E.C.O or General Certificate Examination, G.C.E) is written to obtain at least five credits in English language, mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology in not more than two sittings.

Most health institutions organised entrance examinations for those seeking admission into their institution of which the best are selected. The institution of choice determines the cut-off mark for admission to study the course, which varies from each year. Successful candidates are screened with their various credentials like a birth certificate and local government of origin.

The program is for three years of two semesters each for a year. Year 1, consist of general courses like mathematics, science, psychology, medical sciences, humanities, and English language.

The courses that successful candidates do throughout the program include pharmacy law, pharmacology, pharmacy ethics, anatomy, health care system, physiology, medical terminologies, and pharmaceutical care.

Most schools allow a six months clinical training or experience in a reputable institution of the students’ choice of a hospital or a community pharmacy. Here, the student acquires first-hand work experience with pharmacists and other experienced pharmacy technicians.

Pharmacy technician salary in Nigeria…How much does pharmacy technicians earn in Nigeria?

With the new salary scale and the increment of minimum wage, a pharmacy technician now earns a salary of about #60,000 naira monthly after tax and an average of about #720,000 naira yearly after tax.




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