Plantain fufu benefits + Is plantain fufu healthy?

This is a two in one article about plantain fufu and I am going to talk about each topics.

Plantain fufu is a swallow that is very popular among persons living with diabetes. It contains low sugar or carbohydrates (low glycemic index) and it is recommended to many diabetics because it does not cause a surge in blood sugar when compared to other swallows like Eba, fufu and semo. Plantain fufu us not only enjoyed by diabetics, non diabetics and even children eat it with all kinds of soup especially egusi and vegetable soups. Plantian fufu contains low calorie in the range of 267 calories.

Before I talk about the health benefits of this unripe plantain swallow (plantain fufu), I would like to talk about how to prepare it below.

How to prepare unripe plantain fufu

Procedure :

Peel and put plantain cubes in the jar of the blender.

Pour in the water and blend till smooth.

Transfer to a non stick pot or pan and Start stirring with a wooden spoon on medium low heat.

Stir continuously until it comes together ( this takes about 5 mins) Serve immediately with any soup of choice.

This method helps keep the nutrients intact and also save us the rigors of having to sun them for weeks until they are dry and for those who buy from the market this will save you the doubt of buying the one mixed with yam flour plus it’s an excellent meal for diabetics.

Plantain fufu benefits + Is plantain fufu healthy?
Unripe plantain fufu has numerous health benefits

Plantain fufu benefits

Below are the health benefits of unripe plantain fufu…

1. Unripe plantain fufu remains one of the medically recommended swallow by endocrinologists because of its low carbohydrate content and low glycemic index …

2. It contains alot of fibre and a perfect meal for both diabetics and non diabetics.

3. Unripe plantain fufu is satisfying and nourishing

4. Unripe plantain fufu contains high quantity of iron needed for the production of red blood cells and in the treatment of iron deficiency anemia.

5. Unripe plantain contains alot of vitamins and minerals needed to boost one’s immunity.

6. Helpful in relieving the symptoms of gastroparesis in diabetics.

7. Unripe plantain fufu is good for weight loss and flat tummy or flat belly.

Now to the second part of the article;

Is plantain fufu healthy?

You don’t really need to ask this question again after I have taken time to highlight some of the numerous benefits of plantain swallow. Plantain fufu is not only healthy meal, it is also a nutritious diet recommended by diabetologists to diabetics. It has no side effects and it is a perfect meal to add to our menu.

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