Noodles and Diabetes: Is Indomie good for diabetic patient?

I received a message just recently from a 28 year old lady who is a diabetic , diagnosed about 2 years ago. She asked me if she could add indomie noodles to her diabetic diet. She said she loves indomie and she has not eaten any for the last couple of years…because she feared indomie noodles will increase her blood sugar and lead to poor glycemic control. Her question now is if indomie is safe in persons living with diabetes.

My Answer:

Indomie noodles is now a staple food in many countries including Nigeria , Ghana and others. Indomie is very high in carbohydrates and can make your blood sugar to skyrocket. This is not good for patients with diabetes. Indomie has high glycemic index which makes a diabetic blood sugar to rise almost after eating it. For example, indomie contains high percentage of carbohydrates at 59g and it is therefore not good for diabetics.

Noodles and Diabetes: Is Indomie good for diabetic patient?
Is Indomie good for diabetic patient?

However, recent teachings have liberalised dieting in persons living with diabetes. The new teaching is that diabetics can eat any meal but in small quantity and with utmost moderation.If you want to go with this new school of thought by the American Diabetic Society, diabetics can eat indomie but in small amount…and they should ensure they take their drugs and exercise. Being diabetic does not mean you can no longer eat you favourite meal, they teaching is eat it with moderation and talk to your diabetologist if you have any concerns about your meal plan.

Other things you need to know about diabetes. Some diabetes myths debunked!!!


(1) Myth : Eating too much sugar causes Sugar diabetes

Fact : Sugar does not cause it.

Sugar Diabetes (medically known as Diabetes Mellitus) occurs when something happens to disrupt the way the body utilizes the sugar/glucose within it.

(2) Myth : Sugar Diabetes can be cured by Fasting, Keto diets, Agbo, Moringa seeds, reducing sugar intake and Exercising.

Fact : Diabetes mellitus does not have a known cure, but it can be managed effectively with Dietary changes, Lifestyle modification and Medication.

(3) Myth : People with sugar diabetes cannot eat carbohydrates. It must be beans.

Fact : People with diabetes mellitus can eat almost anything they like, as long as they control their portions and fix it into their normal meal plans.

(4) Myth : Insulin is dangerous.

Fact : Insulin injections are a lifesaver for millions around the world. It is only dangerous when it is misused.

(5) Myth : Sugar diabetes only affects overweight people

Fact : Around 20% of people who have Diabetes mellitus are either of normal weight or underweight. So if can affect any weight type.

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  1. To God be the glory for your post to educate those of us leaving with daibetic i have been managing my daibetic for the past two years now infact your write up really help me a lot may the almight God bless you


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