Can Moringa seed cure gonorrhea? Can moringa cure STDs?

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Hello doctor,

I am Emeka (not real name) and am based in Abuja. I had unprotected sex with a random lady a week ago and three days later, I noticed I was having pains during urination and and there is pus coming out of my penis. I spoke about it to the lady and she confirmed she had similar symptoms and went for test…during which the lab scientist told her she had gonorrhea and she has long commenced treatment with antibiotics…Doctor, i am a man of natural herbs and don’t take orthodox drugs because of my fear of side effects…I know I have gonorrhoea. How can I treat it, already I have started taking moringa leaf and moringa seed powder mixed with warm water which I drink morning and evening…Can Moringa cure gonorrhea? Or I need to see a medical doctor?

My reply:


Thank you Emeka for reaching out. Gonorrhoea is a sexually transmitted infection that if not properly treated can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease in women, miscarriage in women, pelvic adhesions, difficulty in urination, painful urination, sepsis, blood in urine, urethral structure, blindness in newborns, low birth weight, and neonatal gonorrhoea (mother to child transmission).

Typically, symptoms begin to show a week after transmission. The first noticeable symptom in men is often a burning or painful sensation during urination.

As it progresses, other symptoms may include:

*greater frequency or urgency of urination
*a pus-like discharge (or drip) from the penis (white, yellow, beige, or greenish)
*swelling or redness at the opening of the penis
*swelling or pain in the testicles
*a persistent sore throat (from orals)

In rare instances, gonorrhea can continue to cause damage to the body, specifically the urethra and testicles. The condition will stay in the body for a few weeks after the symptoms have been treated.

Pain may also spread to the rectum.

In women, gonorrhea symptoms are milder, takes longer to manifest, and can appear much like common vaginal yeast or bacterial infections.

Symptoms include:

*discharge from the vagina (watery, creamy, or slightly green)
*pain or burning sensation while urinating
*urge to urinate more frequently
*heavier periods or spotting
*sore throat
*pain during sexual intercourse
*sharp pain in the lower abdomen

Can Moringa seed cure gonorrhea?
Can Moringa seed cure gonorrhea? 👇

Now to answer your question , moringa CANNOT CURE GONORRHOEA. Moringa is not an antibiotic and has no effect on gonorrhoea… Drinking moringa tea or herbal concoction of moringa is a complete waste of time…it does not cure gonorrhoea and will even complicate your gonorrhoea since you are not getting the right treatment for the sexually transmitted disease. Moringa cannot cure STDs. If you like insert , the herb, chew the herb, or take the tea…it will not work.

As for the treatment of gonorrhoea, Nna Emeka, I will advise you to see a certified medical doctor who will evaluate you, request for some tests and prescribe to you the appropriate antibiotics for cure. As for moringa, it does not cure gonorrhoea. Herbs will not herb you also. I know moringa comes in capsule forms these days, moringa capsules will NOT cure your gonorrhoea or any other sexually transmitted infection.

Thank you.

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