Health benefits of Bitter kola, cucumber and tomtom + hot water

Blend bitter kola, cucumber, tomtom and add some warm or hot water and drink for the following health benefits…

1. Treats weak erection and premature ejaculation.

A combo of bitter kola , cucumber, and tomtom candy helps improves blood flow to the male reproductive organs…with this it helps treats erectile dysfunction, weak erection, premature ejaculation and helps a man to last longer in bed.

2. Boosts ovulation

Drinking the mixture of a blend cumcumber, bitter kola, tomtom with hot water helps regulate the menstrual cycle and boosts ovulation. With this, it increases the chances the chances of conception in females.

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3. Remedy for cold , cough and Catarrh

This wonderful mixture has been shown to help relieve cold, chills, Catarrh and cough. The combo contains tomtom which acts as airway decongestants thereby giving you some relief.

4. Detoxifies the body

When you drink a blend of cucumber, bitter kola, and tomtom, be rest assured that the combo will help cleanse your body systems and remove all forms of harmful toxins from your body… washes out you system.

5. Burns belly fat

In some testimonials I have read, users of this combo have testified that they experience a reduction in their tummy fat after consuming the mixture of cucumber,bitter kola and tomtom with some hot water for a month. The blend is believed to help burn excess belly fat and promotes the attainment of flat belly.

6. Reduction of blood cholesterol

Not all cholesterol in the body is beneficial , this mixture blend helps to reduce the accumulation of bad cholesterol in the blood…Too much bad cholesterol in the body is what is sometimes responsible for diseases like stroke , cardiac diseases, and even cardiac arrest.

7..Reduces blood sugar…

A good blend of bitter kola, cucumber and tomtom helps lowers blood sugar and it is therefore perfect for diabetics. Persons living with diabetes can take this combo to help control their blod sugar. This does not mean you will abandon the antidiabetic drugs prescribed by your doctor.

8..Rich in essential Vitamins and minerals.

This combo is rich in vitamins and minerals which help promote our well being.

9. Boost immune system

Stress and many other factors can cause your immune system to dip. Drinking a mixture and blend of bitter kola, cucumber and tomtom helps boost you immunity amd ability to fight deadly diseases.

10. Improve libido and increase sperm count.

A blend of bitter kola, cucumber and tomtom candy with warm water helps to boost both the male and female libido…also very important, it helps to increase sperm production in males and boost sperm count.

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  1. Good day Doctor, what’s the quantity of bitter cola, cucumber, and tom-yom can I take as a single dose, and how many times in a day, week or month? Thank you


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