How to use uda seed for flat tummy, how to prepare Uda seed for flat tummy and weight loss, does Uda seed burn belly fat?

How to use Negro pepper for flat tummy? How to use Negro pepper for flat tummy…below

To answer these questions… Let us look into the enviable profile of Uda seed known in English as Negro Pepper.

Health Benefits of Negro Pepper (Hwentia)
1. Has Anti-inflammatory Purposes
2. Packed with Antioxidants
3. Great remedy for Dermatological Problems
4. Treats Respiratory System Diseases
5. Prevents/Treats malaria
6. Keeps Rheumatism at bay
7. Relieves Gastrointestinal Problems
8. Might be used to treat Menstrual Problems
9. Uda is used by some folklores for contraception.

There is also a suggested benefit of Uda seed which is not scientifically backed but has been shown to work from anecdotal studies.

Uda seed for flat tummy

Uda seed is believed to help burn excess belly fat and flatten the stomach. Negro Pepper water is used by some persons to burn belly fat and for weight loss. There are a lot of testimonies out there where the testifiers claim the they where able to get rid of their big belly and develop flat stomach after taking Uda seed water (Negro Pepper water) for 3 months. Uda is used traditionally to develop flat abdomen and to burn excess calories making you to loss weight.

How to use uda seed for flat tummy

It is very easy. Get uziza seed, Uda seed and ginger in the market, ensure you get the dry ones and blend it in the market!

Take one aju mbaise wash it, but don’t untie it, put it in the pot, together with the sticks attached to it! Add one full spoon of the blended spices of Uda seed and uziza (Utazi) to the pot, add enough water that will cover the aju, cook for 30 mins and bring it down…

Drink one full cup of the Uda seed, aju mbaise, ginger, and uziza combo first thing in the morning before meal, and last thing at night before going to bed…you can take it morning, afternoon or evening.

Recook one aju mbaise + uziza + Uda seed + ginger for three days, folowing the same process and cook another one!


if you can’t find aju Mbaise, you can soak Uda seed in water for 3 days, add ginger and drink for flat tummy and weight loss.

You can store/preserve your Uda seed + aju Mbaise + ginger + uziza in the refrigerator and serve cold. You can also warm it for 3 minutes when you remove it from the fridge and drink.

How to use uda seed for flat tummy
Negro Pepper burns belly fat

Drinking Uda seed water with aju mbaise helps to burn excess belly fat found in women after childbirth especially after c-section. …post-pregnancy belly fat.

VERDICT: there is no scientific evidence to support that uda seed (Negro Pepper seed) helps to burn belly fat to achieve flat belly. It is still remains speculations… It is safe anyway, you can try it with exercise to get a maximal effect. Liposuction or abdominoplasty can help flatten you tummy.

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