Can TimJan terminate pregnancy? Can timjan prevent pregnancy?

So what exactly is “TimJan Wonder Juice”?!
TimJan has a long family history which started in the 1960s! It was first manufactured in Springbok as a traditional cure for health problems including high blood pressure, prevention of kidney stones, arteries, sinus and to assist in the cleaning of blood and the digestive system.

TimJan is a herbal tonic containing pure aloe ferox and fermented grape juice. It’s a rich tonic requiring only 15ml daily before sleep.

Can TimJan terminate pregnancy?
Can TimJan terminate pregnancy?

Timjan has numerous health benefits which I will discuss later in subsequent articles. However, there is a widespread rumour out there among ladies, many ladies believe that drink Timjan after unprotected sex helps prevent pregnancy by killing off sperm…It is a common knowledge that many ladies erroneously use timjan as contraceptive. Now let me tell you categorically, timjan is NOT a contraceptive and does not prevent you from getting pregnant. Timjan does not flush out nothing….it is a myth that must be debunked. Timjan is not an emergency contraceptive neither is it a contraceptive at all. Don’t waste your time, drinking timjan as contraceptive after unprotected sex will only lead to one thing – pregnancy.

Timjan also cannot be used for abortion so perish that thought that it can be used to remove or terminate pregnancy. Timjan is not an abortion pill…it cannot cause miscarriage also…timjan does not cause uterine contraction.

If you are not planning of getting pregnant soon,instead of using Timjan as contraceptive, the following family planning methods will be very helpful:

1. Withdrawal method of contraception though not required the attention of health workers isn’t not reliable.

2. Implanon inserted at the upper arm underneath the skin can prevent pregnancy for 3 years

3. Jedalle which is also another example of implant can prevent pregnancy for 5 years
With these, you can get pregnant whenever you want if the family is not buoyant to welcome baby at any time. And the most important thing is to put an end to child bearing once you have given birth to the ones you can sufficiently cater for.

4. Use condoms

5.Emergency contraceptives like postinor or plan B works after unplanned sex.

6. IUD works at most 5 days after unprotected sex.

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