Does Cypri Gold affect fertility?

Cypri gold is an appetizer that comes in syrup and many persons use it for weight gain and other enhancement of bodily parts even though not medically indicated… Many persons especially ladies believe cypri gold can affect their fertility and sexual health. How true is this? I am going to answer these questions  under the following headers:

Does cypri gold affect menstruation?

Cypri gold has no effect whatsoever on menstruation or your period. Cypri gold cannot make your period scanty or heavy and neither cannot it cause cessation of menstruation.

Can cypri gold boost ovulation?

No…taking cypri gold does not affect the ability of your ovaries to release eggs… cypri gold does not boost ovulation in any way. So, stop abusing it in the name of increasing your ovulation.

Can cypri gold increase libido and sperm count?

No. Cypri Gold is a dietary supplement which contains cyproheptadine Hydrochloride a dietary supplement that causes increased appetite and makes you fat…it has no effect on the male and female libido or sexual drive or sperm count.Dont use it for these purposes, it will not work.

Can cypri cold cause miscarriage?

No..pregnant women can take cypri hold as prescribed by their doctors…cypri gold cypri does not cause miscarriage or pregnancy loss. It does not cause abortion…

Does cypri hold prevent pregnancy?

No..cypri gold is not an emergency contraceptive and cannot prevent pregnancy.Those that take cypri gold after unprotected sex are simply wasting their time and money.Well, it will allow the baby grow well…but it will not prevent your from getting pregnant.

Does Cypri Gold affect fertility?
The relationship between Cypri gold, fertility, libido, menstruation and ovulation.

Taking cypri gold while trying to conceive?

Apart from making you to eat more and gain extra flesh, cypri gold does not increase your chances of getting pregnant. Cypri gold is not a fertility booster. It has never been.

This long and short story of all these is that cypri gold syrup have not single effect on fertility.

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