Health benefits of Bara and pap water for ovarian cyst, fibroids, weight loss, blocked tubes, PID.

Scientific Name: Citrullus Colocynthis
Nigeria call it BARA in yoruba ….I don’t know the Hausa name or Igbo name of Bara. If you know please share in the comments section.

Bara is a very powerful and effective herb popularly taken among the Yorubas in Nigeria.
Bara can be soaked or boiled, if boiled, it reduces its potency and makes it mild. When soaked, it is more effective in this state. You know your system and the threshold of what it can take, this should help you in deciding either to soak or to boil.


Bara is believed by many local folks to:

_treat all forms of STDS especially those stubborn once like chlamydia, staphylococcus, gonorrhea,syphilis,bacteria vaginosis etc

_ Unblock Fallopian tubes making it easier for a woman to conceive

_Treat Ovarian cyst

_ cures PID (pelvic inflammatory disease)

_ For weight loss and flat tummy

_For infection/Toilet disease

_ For irregular and ceased mensuration

_All pregnancy complications in women

_Good for detoxification of the body system

_removes odour

_bara and 7up is believed to help with erectile dysfunction and improves libido

_can Bara unblock fallopian tube?…local folks believe Bara and pap water can cure tubal blockage.

_Bara and pap water for fibroid:Bara and pap water is believed by many yorubas to cure uterine fibroids.


1)BARA AND PAP WATER : pap water is a water gotten from pap or raw ogi. The water you get from raw pap after you have removed the shaft from the pap (same as the water you change every morning from your pap).

Health benefits of Bara and pap water for ovarian cyst, fibroids, weight loss, blocked tubes, PID
Bara and pap water for Ovarian cyst and other health benefits


Get your Bara. Wash it clean. You can either peal or you cut like that. Cut into smaller pieces and boil with your pap water for 15mins. Leave for 24hrs before use, add little potash incase of stubborn infection. Be careful though as potash can cause stomach ulcer or kidney stones – moderation is key.

Can i take Bara and pap water during my period?

Yes. You can take Bara and pap water even when menstruating. It has no negative effect on menstruation.

Can bara boost ovulation?

Yes. Bara water is believed to help woman with anovulatory cycle achieve ovulation. Bara boost ovulation according to some testimonies but this is not researched.


Get your Bara (bitter melon), peel or cut with the back into smaller pieces. Soak in 7up for 24hrs before use. This is Bara for manpower.


Get your Bara, cut into smaller pieces you can either boil with palm wine for 18/15mins or soak with palmwine for 48hrs before use. This can also cause ulcer and vomiting.


Get your Bara, cut into smaller pieces soak for 48hrs inside gin before drinking. Bara and dry gin can cause peptic ulcer disease. IF YOU HAVE ULCER DO NOT TAKE.


Get your bara and combine with other strong infection medicines like maca roots, Epakun, garlics, ginger, tumeric etc and boil in a pot for 30min then take as directed.

PS: this clears all traces of STDS in your system.


Please note that Bara is extra powerful and could be injurious if taken overdose so make sure you take just small on the first day and watch its reaction on your system, you know our body system are different, from the first day reaction you will know whether to increase or decrease the dose.

kindly follow instructions. Bara is too powerful as it purges out all infections and dirt in your stomach. Not to be taken by ulcer patient or pregnant women or patient with a kidney disease.


You can leave in the pot to be warm every time you want to drink it or you can put in a container and refrigerate.


Half a glass cup which is equivalent to a shot every two to three days depending on how strong your system is.

Who can take Bara?

Suitable for both male and female. Do not give to children. Men who take Bara and 7up should take small doses.


Take a cold shower from the top of your head if it purges you too much or lick red oil.


  1. Can bara with pap water correct seized menstrual period for 6yrs with implant family planning history and also to correct hormonal imbalance

  2. This is how I take mine. First thing in the morning before meal and last thing at night. Most times I take it at weekend that I know I will be at home. Bara it effective I most say.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Pls bara is the last option for me right now but I have stomach ulcer that’s not that severe. Pls can I take it because I’ve bought it already

  4. I soaked Bara and tap water for 24 hours and didn’t drink it for like a week and some days….I drank it today omo I felt like I was going to faint because immediately after drinking it my mouth was full of saliva I kept on spitting spitting the saliva was getting worse like my mouth was literally dripping and I couldn’t eat like I was feeling like I was going to vomit after some hours I started purging still yet I did not get myself until I put my hand in my mouth I almost vomited my intestines out and I kept on purging until I felt okay after some minutes after I vomited and I purge like 4 times please I hope it won’t affect me later cause I think I used it the wrong way and I don’t think I can ever ever drink it again so please hope nothing will happen and hope the one I drank will shall work abi cause I can’t drink it again

  5. Started taking Bara on Sunday, purging started on Monday, feeling weak dizzy unenergetic. the purge have a form of chaffy and fatty substance. this is my Miracle by God grace.


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