How do I prepare for UBTH Nursing School exams?See here..

Are you preparing for entrance exams in UBTH school of nursing and you don’t know what to read? Well, worry no more:

In UBTH nursing school exams, you are expected to answer questions from the following subjects:

English Language

English language comprises a large part of ubth nursing school entrance exams…. You have to be well vast in Use of English and be able to read comprehension passages with ease and answer the questions that follows… You should also be able to understand basic idiomatic expressions as well as answer questions on words opposite and nearest in meaning. Please be informed that you can get everything in English with ease if you are prepared.

How do I prepare for UBTH Nursing School exams?
How do I prepare for UBTH Nursing School exams?


Anything can come out in UBTH nursing school entrance exams. You have to be able to solve some basic problems in Mathematics especially on mean mode and median….You should also be able to solve maths questions on other common topics.


If course you should know that you will be ready to answer many questions on Human Biology and other related biological questions… See you are expected to boost your score with Biology to increase your chances of admission.. Hold you biology strong…. Read your human biology broadly. Be ready to answer questions on coronavirus and COVID vaccines in this pandemic.


For sure, nursing is a science course, be ready to answer some questions on Chemistry, I know you are probably scared of chemistry… Don’t worry, Just be strategic in reading….


I know you dont like physics but questions may come out from this subjects…. You should be able to calculate some basic physics questions… Don’t worry, the questions are fair and you should be able to perform.

Current Affairs and General Knowledge

You should be well vast in current affairs and what is happening around the world especially as it relates to health. You are expected to know the name of the chief medical director of university of Benin Teaching Hospital and also the name of the principal of UBTH nursing school.

Other questiona not listed here may be featured.. But know these basic science subjects first….

PS: the courses listed above are spread throughout the questions (mixed). Prepare with past questions from UBTH school of nursing (they are available) and also paste questions from WAEC and NECO. Read broadly and don’t isolate yourself (have a reading mate) and I can assure you that you will pass.

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What is the name of the first Principal of UBTH School of Nursing? Put your answer in the comments section.

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  1. I heard it is hard to gain admission to ubth nursing even if you pass the exam is that true and please how do they calculate the score and how many question are we to answer


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