Hepatitis b immunoglobulin price in Ghana.


Do you know your Hepatitis B status?
Your answer is important!

It protects you, your partner & family.

If you are HBV positive

1. DISCLOSE to your partner.
Many adults are not immunized, HBV vaccine came to Nigeria in 2000s and in Ghana in 2006.

Price of hepatitis b immunoglobulin
Protect your baby against hepatitis b

2. Ensure your partner is screened & immunized
3. Do same for everyone living with you.
HBV can live up to a week on surfaces.

4. See a specialist to check, categorize & possibly treat you when needed

5. Do the above before getting pregnant.

6. Book for antenatal care with specialists for both HBV & pregnancy

7 .Ensure your baby gets HEPATITIS B IMMUNOGLOBULIN on DAY of BIRTH.

Hepatitis b immunoglobulin price in Ghana

8. Vaccinate your baby according to guidelines
Combining step 7 & 8 gives ~90% protection

9.Ensure regular check up for you & baby

Hepatitis is a virus that infects the liver. When an infection goes on for a long time, it is said to be ‘chronic’. It can cause damage to the liver and may cause liver failure and cancer.

Hepatitis B is mainly passed between people through contact with infected blood, but frequently from mother to baby in the womb. Hepatitis B is widespread in Africa and Asia, and when acquired during pregnancy, the infection poses serious risks to the unborn baby. Usually there are no symptoms in the early stages of infection. However, up to 85% of infants infected by their mothers at birth develop chronic HBV infection.

HBIG is a substance made from human blood that is used to prevent the child from getting HBV infection from the mother. When HBIG is given to pregnant women who have HBV, the high levels of antibodies (proteins produced by the immune system) to the virus pass easily across the placenta to the child to protect against HBV infection. This works best during the last third of pregnancy.

Hepatitis b immunoglobulin price in Ghana

In Ghana, hepatitis b immunoglobulin cost about Gh 2,000 Cedis. In cities like Kumasi and Accra hepatitis b immunoglobulin (HBIG) price ilcan be as high as GH 2,500 Cedis… It is available in big pharmacies and some hospitals in Ghana stock it.


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