Nigerian woman shares her scary Pregnancy experience stories.

In a series of tweets monitored by, a Nigerian woman, Ijeoma Ogwuegbu narrates her bitter, terrifying, horrific and scary experiences during pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and motherhood. She laid bare all the problems of womanhood in continuing the human race.

Narrating her pregnancy experience stories in her words:

Thread of Pregnancy/Childbirth/post-partum symptoms and conditions related to pregnancy and childbirth for reference.

I’ll start with a few. Please add as many as you can.

My last child is 3. My hair only recently started growing properly. I lost so much hair I had to cut it.

After delivery, you sometimes have this awful discharge that comes out of your vagina. Its sticky and stinks. I believe its your body expelling at the rest of the things that helped you carry and birth your child.

It can go on for weeks.

During my 2nd daughter’s pregnancy, I lost hearing in one ear. It only came back months after I had her. For some women it never comes back.

Labour itself is a major design flaw for any specie. One part of the human race has to literally endure torture to continue the race.

Also bearing in mind that poorer women are more likely to die than a woman with more money/privilege.

Pregnancy experience stories
Weird but true pregnancy experience stories

You know the morning sickness thing? It could also become all day-everyday-throughout-pregnancy sickness.

With my second, I had to endure nausea for another 2 DAYS AFTER I GAVE BIRTH.

Like, why? Why does a body need to go through this?

You know the morning sickness thing? It could also become all day-everyday-throughout-pregnancy sickness.

With my second, I had to endure nausea for another 2 DAYS AFTER I GAVE BIRTH.

Like, why? Why does a body need to go through this?

Having a child vaginally can essentially re-arranges everything from your pelvic floor on the inside, and the way your vagina looks and feels from the outside.

It’s like you lose one body and gain one, and the new one was delivered without a manual and the key is broken inside.

Holding your pee can become an race between your feet and your bladder. You’re lucky if the muscles there return to normal afterwards. Sometimes you end up needing surgery. Sometimes even the surgeries to repair fail.

If your only experience with your breasts being touched is from sexual contact, can I introduce to the h*ll that is breastfeeding a new born?

Fresh, premium h*ll.

The 1st week of the baby suckling, you would be forgiven never wanting to see that baby again.

And don’t forget that nonsense they tell you about
“If you’re breastfeeding right, it shouldn’t hurt.”

👆Was probably first written by a man.

You do it right… and still get bleeding, cracked nipples.

Your baby is feeding, your womb is contracting enough to make you cry.

Spasms in your legs. Oh my gosh. And that thing can hit you at any time. You could be enjoying your sleep at 3 am, next thing you’re holding your leg.

How about how your joints loosen when you’re pregnant? Its supposedly to allow your body adjust to the new human growing inside you, but do you know how much wahala that causes? Clumsiness on another level.

All of a sudden, your body can’t figure out its own centre of gravity.

You have your baby, and you start breastfeeding. Your body needs to adjust itself to produce enough for your baby to feed well.

Your body needs a few days to figure it out. In those few days, you’ll have breasts FILLED WITH BREAST MILK. As hard as rocks.

And so painful.

There is that horrible period between your delivery day and the day you have sex again for the first time.

The terror… you’re still healing, still learning how to poop normally without tearing yourself open again…

Then one man wants to bring gbola…

Your hormones, haywire right after birth. You’re going from hating your child to feeling guilty to starting to resent them to feeling love and then feeling grateful that you CAN love your child and you’re not a terrible woman. Only an evil woman would dare not love her child.

Most times, your first thought when you see that child a few seconds after they are brought out is, “I didn’t expect you to look this… weird”.

And what if you’re not able to breastfeed properly? For some women, it never comes. So now you have to feel like a failure as a mother, for not being able to something almost all women can do.

You keep trying until you’re about to lose your mind and your child is screaming.

newborn latching on should be legitimately considered a form of torture. Someone design an atomic bomb around that latch.

Once they latch, you’re never getting off.

Does your vacuum machine have suction? No it doesn’t. It is learning work from newborn babies.

To stop your baby breastfeeding, you have to go through the same 4/5 day torture process you did at the beginning.

Your breasts now have to adjust to NOT breastfeeding.

So rock-hard breasts until your body fixes itself.

And then you get to meet your new post-baby bresets 😭. That baby stole your breasts.

Strong hearty laughter? What is that? Girl, you bladder not. Leaking everywhere.

Did you know your A-hole could fall out? As in, when you do no 2, and excess skin bulges out and CAN hang outside your body, and you have to use your fingers to push back inside?

Or get someone else to do it for you. 😁(hi partner!!)

It’s called rectal prolapse. You’re welcome.

I bet you didn’t know you could grow a tail from having a baby…

Look at you multi-tasking.

The survival of the human race currently depends on women buying wholesale into the marriage/child-bearing industry.

If you were fully and completely aware of the possible risks and side effects, you might not be too keen.

Yet they have you out here BEGGING to get tortured.

Oh, did I forget about the endless yeast infections when you’re pregnant? Your vulva is trying to burn that baby out of you. With good reason too.

You could completely destroy the alignment of your back. You could develop chronic and life-long back pain.

Some women can’t remember what their bodies felt like before back-pain.

But babies are cute… I guess.

Someone just reminded of the heat. When you’re pregnant, your body literally FEELS like a bread oven that has been left on and connected to an endless supply of gas.

You shower and before you’re out of the bath, you’re already sweating.

You’re permanently hot. Boiling hot.

Not a single part of this thread is an exaggeration. In fact, there are hundreds more I’ve not mentioned. Will keep adding when I remember more.

This thread on pregnancy experience stories was written by Ijeoma Ogwuegbu. Follow her Twitter


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