Nigerian military doctors Salary, Army Doctors Salary in Nigeria, Nigerian Army Medical Corps salary.

Yes. There are medical doctors that are in the Nigerian Army, Nigerian navy and the Nigeria AirForce. You see, the military as an institution has a health wing called the “The Nigerian Army Medical Corps”. Military Doctors working in these military bases and military hospitals are the one treating injured and sick soldiers and even their relatives.

Nigerian military doctors Salary
A Nigerian female female military doctor

To understand more on military doctors and how to become a soldier doctor working for the military, I was able to cull this passage from….. It says:

“Medical careers in the military can be extremely versatile, rewarding, exciting and most times daunting. A military doctor provides health care to military personnel and their families and can work in a variety of settings, including hospital ships, international medical centers, war zones, and theatre of wars. Doctors enlisted in the military might take part in international relief efforts by providing care to victims of natural disasters. They also might ensure that soldiers are physically fit for duty and treat injuries during combat and other emergencies. Leadership positions might involve commanding medical units or coordinating the placement and employment of medical personnel.

The military employs medical doctors and surgeons with specializations in common types of medicine such as trauma, orthopaedics, pediatrics, family care, neurosurgery, general surgery and neurology. Military physicians also might receive training and treatments pertaining to diving, tropical environments, or aerospace medicine. Military doctors need self-discipline and the ability to handle intense stress and pressure. Additionally, these army doctors must be physically fit and have exceptional critical thinking and quick decision making skills especially in the events of emergencies.”

Nigerian military doctors Salary, Army Doctors Salary in Nigeria

Military doctors are believed to be handsomely paid. A medical officer in the Nigerian Army Medical Corps earns close to #550,000 monthly as salary. An army doctor that is a specialist or a consultant is paid about #1.5 million Naira monthly as salary after tax. As a military doctor grow through the ranks, his/her salary will increase to close to #2.5 million Naira monthly. This is according to the National salary scale or structure for the Nigerian Army.

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