How lucrative is dentistry in Nigeria?

Well, this is Nigeria, a fast developing country with its challenges as far as jobs and remuneration in various professions are concerned. A dentist in Nigeria is more or less like a medical doctor. He or she spent 6 years or more in dental school, do one year compulsory housemanship and thereafter go for NYSC… Based on choice, the young graduate of dentistry comes back after 2 years of internship and youth service as a resident doctor so as to become a specialist or a dental consultant – specialist dental surgeon.

As far as salary is concerned, dental surgeons or dentists are on the same salary scale as their medical doctors counterparts. A junior registrar in dentistry earns close to #400,000 monthly as salary while a senior registrar earns about #500,000 – #600,000 per month.. A specialist dental surgeon- consultant dentist is paid close to #1.5 million Naira or even #2 million Naira monthly. Don’t forget these dentists also earn quite a good amount of money that may run into hundreds of thousands or even millions in their private dental clinics. The consultant dentist also take up teaching jobs in various universities and this will add to their take home pay monthly.

How lucrative is dentistry in Nigeria?
How lucrative is dentistry in Nigeria?

Dentistry is old but it is still an emerging profession in Nigeria. Dental surgery is quite lucrative in Nigeria if you know what you are doing after graduation but it requires huge investments to set up dental clinic because dental equipments are expensive. A dental chair cost close to 2 million Naira and you may require 2 or more. The dental chair is where the patient will lay on during dental procedures.

I know a dentist that is not a specialist but is making good money from private dental practice…A good number of patients flock his private hospital for dental appointments monthly.. He rakes in close to 3 million Naira monthly. Now his plan is to set up more dental clinics in major cities across Nigeria. See you can even get bank loans to invest in dental practice. Many dentists are doing it today and they are making it big. With the way he is going with his dental business, he will be named as one of the richest dentists in Nigeria soon. Just a matter of time.

You may have been told many things about Dentistry not being as lucrative as medicine in Nigeria but let me not deceive you, this is not true if you have the right attitude to dental practice… You can even earn far more than a medical doctor. Don’t forget dentists have more free time for other engagements that can bring in money than medics.

In summary, dentistry is a very lucrative profession in Nigeria with the right approach and smartness… They earn same salary as medical doctors and can make good money from their private practice. Dentists are rich and one of the richest doctors in Nigeria is a practicing dental surgeon.

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