Best Family planning methods in Kenya

Let’s talk about family planning today 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Family Planning means deciding when is the right time to have children is, spacing the pregnancy and what is the appropriate number of children for a couple to have. The right time to have children is when a woman :

* Age between 20 and 35 years old

* Last child birth at least 2 years ago or if the medical problems are well controlled & optimised

* Has no illness which can affect the woman’s and the baby’s wellbeing

* Couple wants to have a child
The woman and the baby would be at risk if the above factors are not met. Therefore these women are encouraged to use a form of effective contraception method.

Method of contraception

1. Natural method
* Fertility awareness based method
* Basal body temperature

2. Barrier method
* Condom
* Cervical cap
* Diaphragm

3. Hormonal

* Tablet (oral contraceptive pills)
* Implant like implanon
* Injection

4. Intrauterine contraceptive device (IUCD)

5. Surgery – hysterectomy, tubal ligation, vasectomy

Benefits of contraception includes :

* Improves quality of life for the women, spouse and children

* Helps women to plan their pregnancy and spacing in order to give better health for themselves and their children

* To avoid unwanted pregnancy

* To save mother’s and children’s lives

* Family Planning improves family wellbeing

Factors that should be considered in method selection are :

* Woman’s age
* Woman’s health status
* Method’s efficacy
* Personnel preference
* Method available in the clinic
* Obstetric & gynaecological

When to start contraception?

1. Hormonal (Tablet)

* Non pregnant women- Anytime, preferably within the first 7 days
* After abortion- start immediately
* After delivery-
* If non lactating- start three weeks after delivery
* If lactating- start 6 weeks after delivery or earlier if stopped lactating or if milk substitute is given

2. Injection Hormonal

* Start within 7 days of menses
* Start immediately after abortion
* After delivery
* If non lactating- immediately after delivery
* If lactating- 6 weeks after delivery

3. Intrauterine device

* During menses
* Immediately after abortion
* 6-8 weeks after delivery before starting on sexual activity

4. Sterilisation

* Female sterilization (Tubal ligation)
* Immediately after delivery or
* 6 weeks after delivery or
* During caesarean section or
* Anytime
* Male sterilization (Vasectomy)- Anytime

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