How much is Postinor 2 in Ghana? + Postinor 2 price in Ghana Cedis

What you need to know about POSTINOR 2..

Postinor 2 is a contraceptive used in preventing pregnancy. It is also known as the “Morning After Pill” taken after unprotected intercourse.

The Hormone in postinor contains 0.75mg Levonorgesterol (a synthetic hormone from naturally produced one in the body)

This is about 7.5 TIMES HIGHER DOSE compared to the one contained in the oral contraceptive pills Eg Microgynon (0.1mg)

These hormones work by;
1. Disrupting & preventing the normal production of the hormones produced in your body which control you monthly cycle (FSH & LH)

How much is Postinor 2 in Ghana? + Postinor 2 price in Ghana Cedis
Postinor 2 price in Ghana Cedis

This means that the disruption caused by postinor is way higher than the one caused by the other pills

Hence the reasons such as:

1. Preventing you from getting Pregnant in a short period of time

2. Serious Side effects such as disorganizing you previously normal cycle, breast pain, headaches, nausea and vomiting, spotting and heavy menstrual bleeding, Absent period (amenorrhea).

When is it taken?

1 after unprotected sexual intercourse
2 burst condom
3 rape
4 missed COCP

How soon should postinor be taken??

It comes in 2 doses taken asap. The earlier the better, if taken more than 72 hours, the efficiency reduces and the risk of pregnancy increases.

Do not take POSTINOR:

If you’re already pregnant, because it won’t work although it will not harm you or your fetus.

If you’re allergic to levonorgestrel or other ingredients in POSTINOR.

POSTINOR won’t protect you from HIV infection (the virus of AIDS) or other sexually transmitted disease (STD).

How often can I take POSTINOR?

It’s not a regular method of contraception. Try to use it rarely, in emergency only. But never forget: it has much less side effects and health risks than abortion pills or hospital abortion.

Generally speaking you should not take it more than once within one menstrual cycle.

If POSTINOR is used more than once in a menstrual cycle, it is more likely to upset your menstrual cycle (period). POSTINOR does not work as well as regular methods of contraception. Your doctor, practice nurse or family planning clinic can tell you about long-term methods of contraception which are more effective in preventing you from getting pregnant.

How much is Postinor 2 in Ghana?

Postinor 2 is quite affordable in Ghana. Postinor 2 price in Ghana Cedis is GHC 7. The cost of postinor in Ghana varies from cities to cities.



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