Can I drink bagaruwa water?

Can you drink bagaruwa?

No you cannot. Bagaruwa water is not meant to be ingested in whatever form. Bagaruwa herb is boiled with other herbs say cloves and the water is used for sitz bath by women that want tightening…

Can I drink bagaruwa water?
Bagaruwa water is meant for sitz bath and not for drinking. Be warned!

Bagaruwa Tightening Herb, has been used for centuries in Northern Nigeria, by women, after child birth.. to quickly, tighten tone, restore and heal the birth canal. It returns the “kpekus” to pre-birth state. The seeds, are washed, crushed, then boiled in water.. for 10 minutes. It’s then poured into a sitz bath. The female, then has to wait, until it cools to a comfortable state.. then completely, immerse the kpekus.. into the warm Herbal mixture for 15 to 30 minutes. Don’t drink it.

Please do not drink bagaruwa water, it could cause you harm like abdominal discomfort…

Please do not drink bagaruwa water I beg you.

This is what will likely happen if you swallow bagaruwa water..


Liver damage

Kidney damage



Abdominal pains

Stomach ulcer





And some other side effects not listed here.

Do not allow bagaruwa water to be swallowed or ingested at all. Be warned.

Other believed uses of bagaruwa seeds

Improves Weight Loss

Acacia/Bagaruwa is also known to reduce weight as it contains rich fibre which fills the stomach. It is obvious that when you feel satisfied and full with stomach, you are less likely to snack and this, in turn, help you in reducing your weight or treating obesity.

Treats Diabetes

It is however known that foods rich in dietary fibre help in regulating blood sugar in patients with type 2 diabetes. Thus by taking foods with added bagaruwa or Acacia may boost their daily fibre and in turn aid in regulating blood sugar level.

Boost immune system

Detoxification of the body from poisonous chemicals.

Believed to treat or remove dental plaques

Improves the digestive system

Believed to relieve sore throat

Boost fertility

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  1. You said not to drink bagaruwa , but in weight loss, oral hygiene and others one is required to drink. Please clear that misunderstanding. Can we drink or not at all?

  2. Your post is educative but confusing.
    Without drinking yet the various benefits will be achieved. Clear the doubt please.


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