Can Goko Cleanser terminate early pregnancy?

Please doctor,

I had an unprotected sex a few weeks back without taking emergency contraceptives like postinor OR postpill and I have just confirmed I am pregnant. I did a pregnancy test including a scan to confirm it.. The pregnancy scan I did confirmed that I was about 3 weeks pregnant. This is good news to many people out there but the truth is I am not ready to keep the pregnancy…i am still a university student in 200l and having babies at this stage and age of my life was never in the picture. What do I do? Well, a friend of mine told me that Dr Iguedo’s Goko Cleanser, a locally made herbal mixture can be used to terminate early pregnancy. In fact, she told me that she had tried it before and she once used Goko cleanser to remove unwanted pregnancy. Dr how possible is this….? I am tempted to try it as abortion is illegal in Nigeria.. Can I use Goko cleanser to flush out unwanted pregnancy?

Can Goko Cleanser terminate early pregnancy?
Goko herbal cleanser and pregnancy

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My Reply:

Thank you for reaching out on this very sensitive topic…. I am a pro-choice proponent and I believe women should have rights to their sexual and reproductive health. I believe a woman can decide whether or not to keep a pregnancy, howbeit she must go about it in a manner that is considered safe medically…You simply want to terminate an unwanted pregnancy in a very unsafe manner. Yes using herbs or herbal cleansers to try to remove a pregnancy is considered unsafe. The ingredients in Goko cleanser contain Vernonia amygdalina, Cajanus cajan, Zingiber officinale, Allium sativum, Saccharum officinarum, Caramel. These ingredients have the ability to cause uterine contraction and violently cause a termination of pregnancy that is why pregnant women are always warned against taking it.

Why not go to the hospital and see a doctor to discuss this issue with him or her? Using Goko cleanser to remove pregnancy is tantamount to unsafe abortion which kills tens of thousands of women in Nigeria annually… It also exposes you to infection, tetanus, sepsis and bleeding. It is not even sure that it will work. Don’t go and die from unsafe termination of pregnancy, go to a hospital or maternity clinic to discuss the possibility of abortion with the the doctor.

In summary, dont try using Goko cleanser to terminate pregnancy, it will/may not work and at the same time, this practice can lead to death from the blood infection you will get from it.

Dr Udomoh



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