Are there Yoruba or Nigerian herbs for weight gain?

Dear Nigerians,

Good morning o.. I know there are some people out there that really want to gain weight because of their low body mass index of lower than 18.5Kg/m3. These persons who desperately want to add weight will try all sorts of things including herbs, herbal concoctions, yoruba herbs and even Chinese or Indian tea just to become fat. I have seen all sorts or posts by advertisers on facebook, instagram, twitter and other social media handles telling Nigerians to come and buy all sorts of herbs including yoruba herbs for weight gain. They even cajole people to come and buy herbs that will make them gain weight very fast. Now the question is do these herbal medicine for weight gain really work? Are there really herbal weight gain pills?

Nigerian herbs for weight gain
Herbs cannot cause weight gain

Can herbs cause weight gain?

My people, let me tell you the truth, herbs for becoming fat yapa for internet and market but none of them actually works. Let me be categorically clear, there are no herbs that can be used weight gain or to become fat. If you like, drink all the weight gain herbal pills in this world, you will not become fat. If you are really interested in becoming fat, reduce your stress level and take foods rich in calories… good diet plan is your surest means of getting fat. Also ensure that you sleep very well.

How can you now gain weight if herbs do not work?

First key: track what you eat, this is very vital. Get myfitnesspal and log in meals and track your calories. Calories is the key driver in weight gain as you need to eat In a surplus (more calories then your body needs to operate) to grow muscle.

Second key: gain weight slowly, 0.3-0.5kg a week weight gain. I see too many people put on weight too quickly and end up getting fat. When you no longer gain weight by 0.3-0.5 increase by 50. How do you track this? Weighing yourself each day and taking an average each week.

Third key: be patient and play the long game, it takes time. It’s a lifestyle. this works for weight loss too. But you eat in a deficit (less than your body needs). To gain muscle make sure your on a good program using progressive overload to stimulate growth.

You will gain some fat on a bulk too, the goal is to minimise it. This can only happen when doing it slow. Then when you cut you want to lose fat while maintaining as much muscle mass as possible by doing a slow cut.

Weight gain is possible if your calorie input is more than your calorie output. However, to gain body weight, you should make sure that your food intake has enough carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and other natural, healthy items.

There are no Yoruba or Nigerian herbs for weight gain..Understood? Thank you.

Dr Udomoh


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