Cost of fibroid surgery in Ghana. What you should know about the cost of myomectomy or fibroid removal surgery or fibroid operation in Ghana.

Fibroids are non-cancerous tumors/growths called leiomyomas that grow in or on the uterus. It is very rare for these growths to become cancerous, but it does happen (1 in 1000). The only way to know if a fibroid has become a cancer is to surgically remove them for a test called histology.

Few facts about uterine fibroids you should know.

They are abnormal growths of the muscles of the womb

The exact cause is unknown

They are not cancers

They are common, in 50-70% of women

Less than half of women with fibroids have symptoms

Can be huge

For women with symptoms, it can be stressful & sometimes devastating

Symptoms of uterine fibroid

Heavy menses; some use adult diapers,some sit on bowls just to bleed into it, some need to be transfused with blood after each period
Painful menses so severe some can’t move/ work.

Tummy and back pain

Painful sex, in some sex is impossible.

Frequent urination


Big tummy(may look like pregnancy)

Can contribute to infertility in some women
depending on location of fibroids

Can affect kidneys.

Disturbs pregnancy with risk of miscarriage or premature delivery of babies

Repeated hospital admissions from degeneration of the fibroid in pregnancy. This can be painful

Abnormal position of baby necessitating CS

Risk of bleeding after delivery


If you have no symptoms or it’s not affecting you in any way, treatment may be unnecessary.
You should do an annual pelvic ultrasound to monitor the fibroids

Treatment depends on size & severity of symptoms, age, desire for babies, available specialist/ expertise.

Treatment can be MEDICAL(non-hormonal/hormonal). SURGICAL (minimally invasive or open surgeries)

Medications treat the symptoms and shrink fibroids but it may grows back

Some have to do surgeries to get better

Myomectomy involves removal of fibroids with the womb intact.

Hysterectomy: surgical removal of the womb.

There are newer and more advanced method of treatment now(discuss with your specialist on what they can offer)


Some women with fibroid have no other choice; they MUST have surgery to improve their quality of life, relief their symptoms, or achieve fertility.
Here are some few tips if you are preparing for Fibroid removal surgery( Myomectomy).

1. Seek a second and third opinion (it is your body and health)

2. Ensure you are talking to a Gynaecologist

3. Ask about all forms of surgeries available & discuss which is best for YOU

4. Do all relevant tests before surgery as recommended

Cost of fibroid surgery in Ghana
An ongoing myomectomy. Credit: Twitter

5. Get blood donors ready before surgery
(you may need blood)

6. Be optimistic (a positive attitude goes a long way)

7. Use your support system

8. READ READ, let your information be from reliable sources and not from “one of my aunty brother’s friends/ neigbhours’. Your situations aren’t necessarily the same

If the fibroids are already affecting your quality of life negatively, pressing on surrounding organs, please go ahead with your surgery if that is your only/best option (with/without a partner in view).

Cost of fibroid surgery in Ghana

The cost of uterine fibroid surgery in Ghana is around is around GHC 150,000 – GHC 250,000 Ghana Cedis. In cities like Kumasi, Accra and Tamale, the cost of fibroid operation may be as high is GHC 350,000 Ghana Cedis. Hospital stay, blood transfusion, anasthesia, drugs, and surgery cost are usually factored into the cost of fibroid surgery. This cost of myomectomy in Ghana can be drastically reduced by health insurance (NHIS).

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This has been updated to reflect the present inflation rate in Ghana.

Please ensure you are receiving care with a Gynaecologist

Don’t fall a victim to scammers who dupe women promising them the impossible treatments



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