Igbo herbs for weight loss – Aju Mbaise, uziza, utazi and other herbs.

Aju mbaise is a very popular igbo herb for weight loss and body slimming. It is a traditional health herbal tea (drink) that has been in use for over a century by the Mbaise people of the Eastern Nigeria(Igbos) for the treatments of excess weight gain, obesity, tummy fat, menstrual and fertility problems, blood clotting etc hence it’s name.

Igbo herbs for weight loss - Aju Mbaise, Uziza, Utazi, & Uda
Igbo herbs for weight loss – Aju Mbaise

It is a herbal collection of leafs, roots and barks that have the capacity to detoxify,fight infections as much as cleanse and restore (balance) the reproductive hormones to a normal functional state.

It is popular for its tummy flattening properties and removal of blood clot after delivery, which give its post-natal demands from nursing mothers looking to regain shape after pregnancy.

The wrap of the mostly air-dried leafs and stem(barks and roots) is cooked in water with associated condiments of grounded negro pepper(uda),grains of selim(uziza),cayenne pepper(bawa),salt and prekese or aidan to produce a dark herbal tea.

Aju mbaise is a combination of 5 different leaves, roots and bark of a medicinal tree like uziza🍃, uda🌿 ,ehuru 🍃etc and it works like magic!

Health Benefits

Aju mbaise has so many benefits and it is super efficient.

💥Correction of Hormonal Imbalance
💥Tummy Flattening
💥Enhancement of Fertility(women)
💥Weight Loss
💥Womb cleansing
💥Treatments of Infections
💥Treatments of Menstrual Problems
💥It cleanses and detoxifies after childbirth or child loss.🍃
💥It gets rid of bad blood in the womb ,excess water and every post natal unnecessary substances.🍃
💥It regulates and normalizes mestruation cycle.🍃
💥It enhances fertility and conception.🍃
💥It solves ovulation problems.🍃
💥It prevents mouth odour coming from the stomach.🍃
💥It reduces painful mestruation.🍃
💥It helps lose weight and burns excess tummy fat.🍃
💥It is anti diabetic, cancer, tumours, ovary cyst and malaria.🍃

How aju Mbaise helps to reduce weight loss

According to NIMEDHEALTH, Aju Mbaise helps to burn excess body fat and belly fat big the following mechanisms:

Reduces appetite and burns calories effectively;
Has a diuretic effect;
Increases body metabolism, .
Promotes increase in body metabolism, resulting in fats being burned faster;

and with its lipolysis (the splitting of fats into acids and removing them from the body);

Stimulates the secretion of leptin… Leptin is an anti-obesity hormone.It promotes satiety and suppresses appetite for food.

Other ways through which aju mbaise burns excess tummy fat after pregnancy is yet to be known.

Other igbo herbs for weight loss are Uda, uziza, utazi, Ukpaka, ugba, years, ukpa, bitter leaf, scent leaf, lemon grass, lime, African salad, locust beans, and okporoko (not a herb though).



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