Amazing Health benefits of oruwo leaves and roots (MORINDA LUCIDA).

Oruwo leaf known in Igbo as Brimstone tree in English language, Eze-ogu in igbo language and Morinda Lucida botanically has been used (still being used) in the treatment of malaria and typhoid for centuries (and can be scientifically explained and proven). The benefits and uses of oruwo leaves are listed below.

Amazing health benefits of oruwo leaves and roots (MORINDA LUCIDA).

1. Analgesic – Analgesic means a drug with the ability to relieve pains. Oruwo leaves have the ability to relief pains. It is therefore a potent pain killer.

2. Anti inflammatory – This property is very useful in treating infections.

3. Antibacterial – Morinda Lucida is an antibiotic on its own that can be used to cure diseases caused by bacteria.

4. Antimalarial – It has been scientifically proven and well documented that oruwo leaves can be used to treat malaria.. It kills the malaria parasite prevents its multiplication.

Amazing Health benefits of oruwo leaves and roots (MORINDA LUCIDA).
Oruwo leaf has numerous health benefits and medicinal uses.

5. Antihepatotoxic and Hepatoprotective – oruwo leaves removes toxins that will damage the liver like smoking, alcohol, viruses. At the same time, it protects the liver from harmful substances. It detoxifies the liver.

6. Antipyretic – helps to break fever… reason it is very effective in treating malaria .

7. Antithrombotic – Since oruwo leaves have the ability to prevent blood clots, it is very helpful in preventing heart attacks and strokes.

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8. Antiviral – apart from being antiplasmodial, oruwo leaves also fights against diseases caused by viruses.

9. Antioxidant – oruwo leaves helps to mop up deadly and disease causing free radicals called reactive oxygen species.

10. Anti-cancer – fights and prevents cancer in the human body.

11. Cardiopotective – protects the heart against cardiovascular diseases

12. Choleretic – promotes the excretion of bile… And prevents gall stones.

13. DETOXIFICATION: removes harmful toxins from the blood.

14. Expectorant – helps to promote the coughing out of mucus lodged inside the respiratory tract.

15. Hypoglycemic – lowers blood sugar and good for diabetics.

16. Immune function enhancer (immune booster) – boosts the immune system to help fight diseases.

17. Vermicidal – kill and eliminate intestinal worms.

18. abortifacient properties: Oruwo leaf have the ability to contract the uterus.. This property makes it not safe in pregnancy. However, it can be taken by women who just gave birth to help expel the retained product of conception.

Brimstone leaf reliefs headache, coughing, pains, wounds, pains, internal heat , arthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, sclerosis, ,hepatitis, herpes, candidiasis, systemic lupus erythromatosis, skime drying, piles, fevers, jedojedo, loss of appetite for food, dry mouth, halitosis, different lymphatic disease, jaundice , dyspepsia, dermatitis, eczema, Burns, pneumonia, chickenpox, mumps; sleeplessness constipation, and vaginitis.

Oruwo and pregnancy. Is oruwo leaf safe for pregnant women?

The use of local herbs and herbal concoctions for malaria treatment is common among pregnant women in Nigeria. Oruwo leaves is one of the commonest leaf used to treat malaria among pregnant women in Africa. However, research has shown that it is not safe in pregnancy and can trigger an abortion. According to the findings of the experiment conducted on pregnant mice and published in Springerlink in year 2020: “Morinda Lucida (oruwo leaf) is capable of inducing abortion by impairing the production of progesterone.”

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