List of Exfoliating Creams in Nigeria

Exfoliation is the foundation of skincare.
Its a process of removing dead skin cells which accumulates every 28-30 days.

Most Scrubs are great but they won’t sink into your skin to decongest your pores.
Chemical exfoliants will do the work with an instant result.

Dead skin cells can clog your pores resulting to texture, open and closed comedones(whiteheads and blackheads), inflammations, etc. Scrubs are a great way of exfoliating but as you know it, you have to exfoliate 2-3 times a week and in addition to that you are only.

Before and after exfoliation

Scrubbing the surface of your skin. If you have any Clogged pore, the scrub isn’t going in to decongest it. So most times, you Exfoliate the surface leaving the pores filled with dirt’s and bacteria.

Chemical exfoliants commonly come as liquids.

These liquids when used, sink into your skin, your pores. They kill the bacteria in it, promote healthy and quick cell growth, decongest the pores, your skin cells are renewed in and out, promote hydration, and you don’t even need to use them often. Once a week is always the prescribed period of time usage.

List of Exfoliating Creams in Nigeria


They’re divided into two. AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids) and BHA’s (beta hydroxy acids)

AHA includes:

1. Glycolic acid. The most famous, most respected, most researched chemical exfoliant, suitable for All skin types is derived from sugarcane naturally. Its molecules are very small making it very possible for it to penetrate the uppermost layers of the skin to reveal new skin cells. It also has a natural ability to hydrate skin. A concentration of 5% is considered okay.

List of exfoliating cream in Nigeria
Glycolic acid for exfoliation

2. Lactic acid. This does the same thing as glycolic, only that it molecules are larger and so will work slowly. Concentration of 5% and 10% is considered ideal for skin care products meant to exfoliate.

Other not so famous exfoliating acids with larger molecules include:

List of exfoliating creams in Nigeria
Exfoliating cream

3. Tartaric acid.

4. Malic acid.

5. Mandelic acid. Mandelic acid is special in some ways, though it’s the largest of all AHA’s regards molecule size, this makes it slow in penetration making it an interesting choice for people with sensitive skin.

One more reason why I love mandelic acid is that it has antimicrobial properties, making it ideal for treating inflammed acne like cystic acne which sits under your skin and it’s painful to touch.

While SALICYLIC ACID is technically the only BHA.

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