40 Health benefits of clove and milk + How to prepare clove and milk.

Are you aware of the enormous health benefits of drinking a combo of cloves and milk? I will list them out in this article but before them check out how cloves and milk mixture is prepared.

Method of preparations – How to prepare clove and milk

Interested in knowing how to make clove and milk? Crush or grind the cloves and add a teaspoonful of the crushed or ground cloves to a glass of liquid milk (any kind of milk: cowbell, three crowns, peak milk, Dano etc). Make sure you make this combo in a healthy or hygienic environment with no form of contamination whatsoever.. No it is time to drink….

Health benefits of clove and milk

Here are the numerous nutritional value and health benefits of a combo of clove and milk

1- Infertility – it boosts sperm production, sperm count and sperm motility in men….in addition it boosts ovulation in women….

2- Sexual Prowess: A combo of milk and cloves improves libido, sexual desires in both sexes, helps a man to last long in bed.

3- Cloves together with milk enhances the function of the heart, stomach, brain liver and kidneys.

4- Milk and cloves improves eyesight or vision

5- Relieves joint pain and rheumatism.

6- Relieves and prevents asthma, cough, nasal congestion and upper respiratory tract infections.

7- Relieves the diaphragmatic spasms and the discomfort of hiccups.

8- A drink of a combo of cloves and milk aids and soothes the digestive system

9- Improves memory and understanding. Good for persons with dementia, Alzheimer disease and Parkinson’s disease

10- Removes excess gas in the stomach and the gut. Relieves bloating

11- Having a cup of cloves and milk improves the function of bladder muscles, and may prevent urinary incontinence.

12- Milk contains calcium and prevents bleeding of the gums and weakness of the teeth

13- it gives you a feeling of well being

14- Improves sexual performance …cloves and milk has some sexual benefits. The combo is an aphrodisiac that helps a man last longer.

15- Regulates blood pressure

16- Regulate blood sugar and maintain its levels. Cloves and milk is good for diabetics

17- Cloves have anti-inflammatory properties and therefore colds and fever

18- Effective for sore throat and tonsillitis

19- Cloves and milk have anticancer properties and therefore helps in the prevention of cancer.

20- Good for persons with anxiety disorders, depression and other psychological conditions.

21- Softens stool and relieves the pain in persons wit hemorrhoids.

22. Taking a cold mixture of cloves and milk is very good for the skin.

23. Enhances hair growth.

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24. A cup of cloves and milk helps with your weight loss regimen and also for weight gain.

25. Cloves and milk helps relieves the pain of stomach ulcer. The combo soothes stomach ulcer and promotes its healing

26. Cloves and milk is very good for pregnant women.

27. Cloves and milk can be given to children and even the elderly

28. Having a cup of clove and milk drink helps boost appetite for food.

29. It is refreshing and relaxing…calms the nerves.

30. It is good for vaginal health as it helps boost the growth of good bacteria… This helps to prevent infection like yeast infection (candidiasis) and bacteria vaginosis.

31. Clove and milk helps boost fertility in both the male and the famale.

32. A cup of clove and milk promote good sleep

33. A combination of clove, milk and cinnamon relieves constipation. It softens stool.

34. Cloves and milk is good for the growth of healthy skin and hair.

35. It boosts immunity.

36. Good for pregnant women as it is rich in calcium for development of strong bones in the baby

37. It is refreshing

38. Cure yeast infection

39. Good for children greater than 1 year

40. Gives you a healthy skin

31 Health benefits of clove and milk + How to prepare clove and milk
Clove and milk for fertility

How do you take this combo? – Dosage

Take two or three times weekly, the first thing in the morning, an hour before breakfast.
Note: check out cloves in the picture below, some people also call it zobo pepper.

Any side effects of cloves and milk?

None has been proven or reported as of now. Moderation is however key so as to prevent excess calcium in your blood (from the milk). Excess calcium in the blood can cause kidney stones. This is what happens if you take cloves and milk everyday for a long time.


Cloves and milk combo can be stored in the refrigerator for weeks and served fresh and chilled. Enjoy!


    • you first get a bottle or covered cup filled with your milk then u pour some quantity of the cloves in it and keep it in your refrigerator overnight.

  1. How to prepare clove milk ?
    Crushed cloves one tea spoon full to be added in 200 ml milk and boiled or taken in cold milk .

    Please advise .

  2. Should i boil the cloves and seive the water and add it to the milk or i should just grind the cloves and pour it inside the milk?


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