How to prepare Aju Mbaise Tea + Aju Mbaise Ingredients.

Aju mbaise is a herb specifically used by single , married and nursing mothers for weight loss, reduce belly fat, fertility, preventing pregnancy, fibroids, blocked fallopian tubes etc.

Aju mbaise is effective for general body detoxification and cleansing according to testimonies from aju mbaise users.

How to prepare Aju mbaise tea:

To make aju Mbaise tea, you need need the following ingredients or recipes:

*1 wrap of Aju mbaise and 1 pack of Aju mbaise ingredients.
Aju mbaise ingredients , which are:
* Ginger

How to prepare Aju Mbaise Tea + Aju Mbaise Ingredients
How to prepare Aju Mbaise Tea + Aju Mbaise Ingredients

Preparation of aju Mbaise:

👉 *First wash the wrap in running water. Don’t unrap it so your pot won’t full with leaves.
👉 * Add 2 bottles of ragolis or big Eva water inside your pot and put your Aju mbaise.
👉 *Wash and Add Aju Mbaisi ingredients.
👉 *Set to boil for 20 minutes or till you see the brewed color. It should be like coffee colour .

By now the two bottles of water have reduced to one and half.

👉. Remove the wrap & the other herbs and drain it.
You can now let it to and cool. Then drink the water at least 2-3 times a day. Preferably morning, afternoon and night. Or morning and night.

Other benefits of Aju Mbaise:

* Aju mbaise cleanses and detoxify the body

* Aju mbaise helps to ratify hormonal imbalance…

* If you are not pregnant or breastfeed and you experience breast milk coming out from your breast, chill and take Aju mbaise

* It helps to correct irregular monthly period

* If you are trying to conceive, start taking it once your period starts and everyday till one week. Then stop.

* If you had a miscarriage or have just given birth, aju mbaise helps to cleanse the body, to remove bad blood from the body and to prepare the womb for the next baby.

* If you have a baby, take it every day, you will notice change in your urine and even the lochia (bad blood) will pass faster in lumps.
Breastfeeding won’t be an issue because it helps breastmilk flow better.

* If you have a baby or wish to use it to make yam pepper soup. When you remove the wrap, add your yam and your stock fish which has already been boiled soft. You can add any other dry fish of your choice. Don’t add oil, no crayfish (you can use the black local crayfish). Don’t add Maggi and all those fancy seasonings. No fresh pepper or fresh meat please or fresh fish. Everything must be dry.

* Lastly, aju mbaise is not bitter, does not purge and it doesn’t hurt the womb.

Source: Star Farm


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