Nigerian foods that increase testosterone, boost libido & sex drive..

5 Common Foods and Fruits To Supercharge Your Sex Drive

Like it or not, you need to do something about your sex drive if you are not feeling the urge at least once every two days. Someone has even said that you need to have more drive to have sex than to go to sleep every day. I don’t know about that, every one with his own different body.

Often, when you need to improve libido (sex drive), we do know but sometimes, some don’t even know that their sex drive is not enough. If you recognize this issue with yourself, you are very lucky as this kind of thing breaks relationships.

This is especially true if you have a partner whose libido is much higher than yours. When people discover that they have libido problem, they are usually shy to talk about it. Some are afraid they can become the object of ridicule. Some people don’t even know that there is a solution. In fact, doing a little adjustment in the foods you eat can help improve your sex drive.

Nigerian foods that increase testosterone, boost libido & sex drive

5 Foods/Fruits That Boost Your Libido By Simply Consuming Them:

1. Watermelon has Viagra-like effects

I am wondering how many times I’ve mentioned watermelon in articles myself too. Yes, this wonderful fruit is major water (about 92 per cent), but if you really want a sweet libido-booster, get a slice of watermelon every day.

2. Ginseng significantly increased libido in a month
Ginseng is now being sold in grocery stores around. Even if you can’t find it in its original form, they are available in form of supplements and now even added to tea and some other drinks.

Nigerian foods that increase testosterone, boost libido & sex drive
These foods and fruits increase testosterone and libido

3. Lettuce Contains Opiate that helps to activate sex hormones
Apart from the abundance of minerals in this vegetable called Lettuce, it also contains an opiate that helps to activate sex hormones. So, why not make it a habit to add these vegetables to your salad and sometimes slice it fresh on foods such as rice, pasta and beans.

4. Pepper helps stimulate endorphins
Let me tell you that hot peppers increase metabolism and stimulate endorphins, makes you sweat, plumping your lips, and speeding up your heart rate. That gets the blood flowing to all the essential areas that end up in better sex.

5. Bananas are top sources of potassium
In the past, we have mentioned the side effects of consuming too much sodium. We also listed some foods that have a high hidden amount of sodium. Aside from the side effects we listed there, foods high in Sodium (generally salty foods) diminish blood flow to the genitals, which can make it more difficult to reach orgasm.

Bananas are one of the top sources of potassium, which helps to counteract the effects of foods high in sodium. Eat more of Banana. They are not even expensive.

Food Supplements
If you are someone that finds it difficult to add all these to your diet for a number of reasons, you have the option of supplements. For example, it may not be easy to keep fruits for a long time and you cannot go to the market or grocery stores every day to get fruits.
Stay healthy!!!

Culled from ~Adélékè Olúṣẹ́gun Ọláólúwa


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