What is Elegede? 26 health benefits of Elegede (Efo Elegede), English Name for elegede

It’s a fantastic rainy season, this cool weather,I haven’t been missing my afternoon nap. And on today’s session, we have this vegetable Tomato called SQUASH called elegede on Yoruba. Elegede vegetable is also used to make a special kind of delicious soup called Elegede soup.

English Name for elegede – squash.

Assignment: What is squash called in igbo language and Hausa language..

As it is our tradition let’s see it’s health benefits.

1. It helps reduce the risk of heart disease as it contains negligible fat and no cholesterol.

2. It Magnesium content makes it effective in the reduction of heart attack and stroke.

3. Elegede fruit helps prevent the build up of oxidized cholesterol in the walls of the blood vessels. It prevents artherosclerosis and heart diseases.

What is Elegede? 26 health benefits of Elegede (Efo Elegede)
The numerous health benefits of elegede

4. It’s folate content helps in removing unhealthy metabolism byproduct called Homocysteine. Elegede is very good in pregnancy and pregnant women since folate helps to prevent neural tube defects.

5. It helps in weight management

6. It’s high level of beta-carotene provides protection from pollutant and chemicals that can cause cancer.

7. It content of Vitamin A provides protection against lungs and oral cavity cancers

8. Efo Elegede helps boost the immune system

9. The combination of Vitamin C and Magnesium present in squash helps in maintaining healthy bone structure,calcium absorption,enzymes creation building.

10. Elegede contains a high amount of beta-carotene and lutein which prevents the onset of cataract and macular degeneration.

11. It fiber content in elegede helps in the excretion of toxins from the body and maintain colon health by preventing constipation.

12. It is effective in alleviating the symptoms of a condition called Benign Prostrate Hypertrophy or BPH.

13. A study has proved that women who consumed high amount of Manganese as their daily diet suffers from lesser mood swings and cramps than others,so add squash to your diet.

14. It helps balance fluids and process glucose.

15. If you are looking to getting in shape,squash is just the the thing for you.

16. It helps resist the onset of diabetes

17. Squash is rich in potassium which can help in the relaxation of blood vessels and arteries.

18. Elegede helps reduce high blood pressure effectively

19. It antioxidant content helps the body counter the damaging effect of free radicals

20. It helps fight aging and other cognitive disorders that are triggered by free radicals.

21. It helps reduce cholesterol level

22. It helps prevent the onset of asthma

23. It helps in the improvement of muscle contraction and transportation of nerve impulses cause of it electrolyte content.

24. It helps maintain a healthy skin and gives it a good glow.

25. It helps protect the skin against damaging effects of sun exposure and dehydration.

26. It helps improve hair health and helps it grow well.

And that’s a wrap on squash or elegede today,till we meet same place tomorrow do have a nice day.

And do Keep Warm, Keep Fit, Stay Healthy and Stay Safe Gracias Adios .

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