Nigerian + Yoruba herbs for lowering high blood pressure.

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Yoruba herbs for lowering high blood pressure

African herbs for high blood pressure

Nigerian herbs for high blood pressure

Miracle herb for blood pressure

Is bitter leaf good for high blood pressure

Ewe Ipin and high blood pressure

Herbal cure for high blood pressure in Nigeria

Alligator pepper and high blood pressure

Scent leaf and high blood pressure

Cinnamon dosage for high blood pressure

Home remedies for high blood pressure that really works

Nigerian + Yoruba herbs for lowering high blood pressure.
Herbs that lower blood pressure

Common herbal remedies, Nigerian or Yoruba herbs for high blood pressure management.

1.) Bitter leaf:
Drink bitter leaf juice every morning and evening.

2.) Moringa:
Use moringa for tea and drink. Also, add it to your dishes; use it for vegetable soup, salads etc.

3.) Cocoa:
Drink often powered cocoa or dark chocolate.

4.) Make the great combo drink:
10 bulbs of Onions
10 cloves of Garlic
10 Ginger roots
Blend the onions, garlic and ginger into smooth paste with water.
Sweeten slightly with honey.
Drink the combo as often as you can.

5.) Locust beans (dawadawa):
Eat it raw and cook unsparingly with it.

6.) Water leaf (Talinium triangulare)

Boil the whole roots of the water leaf plant in water.
Take its decoction thrice daily fpr seven days.

Herbs with the highest potency for high blood pressure (hypertension) cure.

📌 Afromomum melegueta (guinea pepper or alligator pepper)
📌 Chenopodum ambrosioides (sweet pig weed in English and ewe imí in Yoruba)
📌 Newboldia laevis (ewe akoko)
📌 Justicia schimperi (obe dudu)
📌 Heliotropium indicium (Cock’s comb in English and ogbe àkùko)
📌 Ficus exasperate root bark (Sand paper tree roots, ewe ipin, eyin gbongbo igi Eepin; Ameme in Edo, Anwerenwa in Igbo, Kawusa in Nupe)

Herbal remedies from the above listed herbs

1.) Water leaves herbal remedy treated earlier.

2.) J. Schimperi + avocado leaves + water.
Cook all together and take it every night before you sleep for six days.

3.) The root back of Ficus exasperate is to be chewed daily after each meal for four days.

4.) Chenopodum ambrosioides leaves + water.

Cook both items together and take once at night for 10days.

5.) Alligator pepper + H. indicum, charred and grinded into powdery form.
Use to take hot pap intermittently twice daily for seven days.

6.) Powder-flask fruit plant (sanga in Yoruba) + leaves of A. Paniculatum (ewe akòko) + water.
Cook all together and take in the decoction in the morning before eating for 8 days.

High blood pressure lowering oils:

📌 Black seed oil
📌 CBD oil
📌 Coconut oil
📌 Lemon essential oil
📌 Lavender + Ylang ylang + Marjoram + Neroli essential oils
📌 Bergamot essential oil
📌 Helichrysum essential oil
📌 Lavender + Frankincense + Cedarwood essential oils
💠Bitter gourd

Hypertensive patients should keep off the following essential oils:
📌 Rosemary
📌 Sage
📌 Thyme
👉 Croton seed


The following herbs have been found to lower blood pressure because they contain nitric oxide, a chemical substance in the human body that helps lower and maintain blood pressure…

They are;

Guava leaves

Parinari curatellifolia (Monkey’s plum)

Never die plant or miracle leaf

Oja ikoko

Zobo leaf

Mistletoe leaf

Aworoso leaf (red acalypha)

Onions and garlic




Leafy greens vegetables

They have been reported to increase blood pressure.



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