An article on: Side Effects of Ewe ipin (sandpaper leaf) + Health Benefits of Sandpaper Leaf (Ewe ipin) – Ficus exasperata health benefits. How to use sandpaper leaf (ewe ipin) for high blood pressure? how to use ewe epin to cure infertility and treat infections.

Apart from using sandpaper leaf to wash the back of pot,do you know that you can use ewe epin or ewe ipin to treat various types of disease/ailments?
👉High blood pressure
👉Mental disorders, etc.
👉Stomach ulcer
👉Irregular periods
👉boosts libido and improves poor sexual performance.
👉Many more.


⭕ #INSOMNIA: Squeeze fresh leaf of sandpaper with little water crush like ten pieces of fresh garlic,extract the juice in the garlic and mix with the water from sandpaper, drink one small cup every night. You will surely sleep like Jonah. Do same also for #DIABETES

#SANDPAPER_LEAF_FOR_INFECTION: Squeeze fresh leaf of Sandpaper with little water, grind little hard potash (Ako kaun ) and mix it together,; drink half small cup two times daily. you will be glad you did, also for the treatment of #FIBROID

Side Effects of Ewe Ipin + Health Benefits of Sandpaper Leaf (Ewe ipin)
Sandpaper leaf|ewe ipin|ewe epin|Ficus exasperata.

#SANDPAPER LEAF FOR TTC: Soak the root of the plant/leaf in a lime Water, add fresh “tude root” (Egbo tude tutu),and Egbo lapalapa funfun tutu, one shot twice daily. Confirm womb flusher nio.

#SANDPAPER LEAF FOR HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE (HBP): How to use sandpaper leaf for high blood pressure? Squeeze the leaf with water, drink
twice daily and check your blood pressure after 5 days.

SANDPAPER LEAF FOR DIABETES: Squeeze sandpaper with “ewe eyinrin, ewuro, ahun, oruwo, drink it twice daily.

SANDPAPER LEAF FOR #MALARIA: Ewe eepin, ewe egbesi, epo aWopa, Itaku ponju-owiwi, alubo aayu, ata ijosi die, cook with pap water, half stainless cup twice daily.

•Sandpaper to boost fertility, treat intestine worm; abdominal spasm and diabetes: Powder sandpaper leaves alongside cryptolepissan guinolenta root (paran pupa in yoruba). Take a tea spoon as green tea morning and night.

•Sandpaper leaf for seizure and convulsion: Powder the leaves alongside dalbegia saxatilis. A table spoon is mixed with warm water and drunk to treat convulsion and seizure.

•Sandpaper for malaria and immune system boosting: Boil some leaves of sandpaper alongside morinda lucida. Take half glass cup morning and night.

•Treats bacteria infection: Sandpaper leaf is very good for UTI & STD; squeeze and extract the juice take half glass cup morning and night.

•Sandpaper for Stomach Ulcer: Crush and extract the juice, take a glass cup once daily with little milk.

💥Treats gonorrhoea: Many scientists have once called this plant useless and with no medicinal value, however, some years ago, researchers discovered that ewe epin treats gonorrhea when soaked in palm wine.

💥EWE EPIN (SANDPAPER LEAF) FOR WATERY OR TOO LIGHT MENSES FLOW: Boil Ewe Epin(sandpaper leaf) and Ginger with water for 15mins drink one cup on first day of menstrual flow. Take one cup morning nd night throughout the period.

💥HOW TO STOP FAST HEART BEAT WITH EWE IPIN: Get 9pcs of SANDPAPER LEAF and PALMWINE and one THUNDER STONE (edun araa).Use PALMWINE to squeeze the leaves then put THUNDER STONE in FIRE when it is RED then drop it inside the already squeeze SOLUTION and START DRINKING it gradually.

💥Skin infection: pound it and mix with black soap or ncha nkota and apply it 1hr before bath.

PS: There are other health benefits of sandpaper leaf which are not discussed here; check out the authenticity of every plant usage before proceeding and be properly guided by those who has experience on plant preparation.

Side Effects of Ewe Epin. Side Effects of Sandpaper leaves.

Taking too much of ewe ipin (sandpaper leaf) can cause liver damage and kidney damage.

PREGNANCY: Sandpaper leaf (Ewe ipin) can cause miscarriage, pregnancy loss, low birth weight, premature delivery and congenital birth defects. It should not be taken by pregnant women.


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  1. Good day sir. In order to avoid a situation where one gets himself overdosed, how many millilitres can one take per day and for how long if one is taking the juice undiluted?
    Can the leaves be boiled and the decoction bottled and kept in a refrigerator for daily use? Hope the boiling will not affect the potency of the herb.

  2. All your research are splendid, as I am born with inherited herbs uses from my grandfather. Sandpaper leaves works wonderfully. The problem there is use shot glass cup just like schinaapp glass cup. No too much dose. Well done

  3. Good day Sir,
    Please what about use in mental illness. Can it work for mentally challenged person. How can it be prepared and the dosage.

  4. Ground the dry leaf then take one table spoon mixture with honey for days then go check Yr BP
    Once b p reducing then you reduce the intake to coffee spoon . Good evening

  5. Thanks for your response.

    What natural fruits or leaves can you recommend for the treatment of the kidney malfunctioning (foamy urine)?

    Or is there another natural treatment one with the kidney malfunction use for treating hypertension?


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