Ewe Akoko: How to use ewe Akoko for fertility, health benefits, Uses, Image & English Name

Botanical Name is Newbouldia laevis
Yorubas call it Ewe akoko
Hausas call it Aduruku
Igbo people call it Ogirisi
English name is HUG PLUM LEAF
Obot (Efiks).

The plant has shiny dark green leaves and bears large showy terminal purple flowers. It is a familiar live-fence and boundary tree throughout its distribution. It is often grown as an ornamental and is easily cultivated.

This leaf is women reproductive system friendly? It is called THE FERTILITY LEAF in English, it is used for both medicinal and herbal and aphrodisiac purposes but I’m going to talk about all these in this article.

Some people believe ewe akoko to have spiritual benefits but I cannot dwell in that. This is a science based blog. So please don’t ask of the spiritual ones because I won’t answer you. (Thanks).

Ewe Akoko: How to use ewe Akoko for fertility,  health benefits, Uses,  Image & English Name
PICTURES: Ewe Akoko image.

It is used for infertility related issues, it balances the hormone, menstrual irregularity, adhesion (pelvic inflammation or pelvic organ scarring) etc. Ewe Alomo boosts ovulation and increases your chances of getting pregnant.


💥The young fresh leaf can also be cooked with red oil drink during labour to facilitate easy delivery and minimize labour pains.

💥A decoction of the leaf use as gargle in the mouth for 4-5 minutes continuously is use to treat dental caries and relieves toothache

💥The bark is stomachic and analgesic.

💥A decoction is used in the treatment of dysentery, diarrhoea, epilepsy, cough and convulsion.

💥A decoction of the bark, sieve is taken in form of an enema as a treatment for piles and constipation.

💥Dried powdered of the bark combined with alligator pepper (Aframomum melegueta) is sniffed inform of snuff to treat migraine and sinusitis.

💥The bark applied externally is use to cure wounds, ulcers and abscesses.

💥A decoction or ethanol extract of the root is used for the treatment of intestinal problems such as worms.

💥The decoction of the root is laxative and is use to treat constipation.

💥The maceration of the root is effective for the treatment of arthritis and rheumatic pains.
The powdered root combine with chili pepper (Capsicum frutescens) are put into a carious tooth to treat toothache.

💥Decoction of the root and leaves are remedy for scrotal elephantiasis, fever and as an aphrodisiac.

💥 ewe Akoko increases sperm count, boost sperm production and quality.

💥 Newbouldia laevis increases blood flow to the genitals, boost penile erection and sexual performance.

💥 The leaf is used in the making of black soap.

💥REMEDY FOR STOMACH ULCER: Get fresh leaves of newbouldia leavis(fertility leaves), that is ewe akoko squeeze with water,sieve and keep. Take half glass cup with a little salt twice daily.

💥How to use ewe Akoko for fertility

Ovulation and increase your chances of conception. Pregnancy is impossible without ovulation. Most women who are trying to conceive don’t ovulate. It’s possible not to ovulate, but you see your period. It’s called Anovulatory cycle. You can use fertility leaves known as EWE AKOKO (in yoruba) OGIRISI (in igbo) ADURUKU (in hausa) AND EWE IYEYE (yoruba) IJIKARA (in hausa) to boost your fertility, ovulation, increase libido and increase your chances of getting pregnant.

HOW TO TAKE AND DOSAGE: Get the two leaves, cook it for 5 to 10mins with ordinary water.
Take a full glass cup twice daily. Morning and night. A day after your menstruation for 5days.
It will help you to boost your ovulation and increase your chances of conception.


I can go on and on for the usefulness of this awesome plant but I’ll stop here today.

Olalade Roseline


  1. Please can someone with 21 menstrual cycle drink it and be “meeting with my partner” as well because of the short ovulation time

  2. 1. Pls what volume or amount of water is required to boil the two leaves? Or is the two leaves meant to be boiled in a glass of water for each of the five days that a glass of the concortion is to be taken?
    2. How can it be used to boost sperm count for men sir

  3. Thank you God bless you, you said the two leaves, which one, is it two leaves of ewe akoko or what , pls more explaination


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