Does cloves water tighten the virgina? True or false?

Sorry I had to spell vagina that way. It is for a reason. I bumped into this article today written by one Josephine Amenoya and posted on on facebook page of Herbs Solution to Your Health… She simply gave instructions on how to use clove water to tighten the Virgina…

Does cloves water tighten the virgina?
Does cloves water tighten the virgina?

See for yourself self:👇

“Cloves for Vaginal Tightening.
cloves are anti-fungal,
antibacterial, antiseptic and analgesic. They’re packed with antioxidants and are good sources of minerals (especially manganese), omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and vitamins
1. Clove Sitz BATH
(there are different types of sitz bath)
(a) Salt
(b) Cloves
(c) Hot water
Get a clean sitz bowl. Pour boiled water, add a little salt(1tsp), add the cloves then(200g), Sit on it let the heat go inside your private part until the water is not longer hot.
1.It tightens the virgina
2. It fight infections

(a). Cloves 200g
(b). Container eg Eva water bottle (1 and half litres)
Pour the cloves in the bottle and add water, leave it for 3 days, it will change colour to dark brown. Use it to wash your private part and once you use and it’s peppery that means there is an infection. Continue using until you can’t feel the pains anymore
1. fights infections
2. Reduces unnecessary discharge
3. Tightens the virgina”
— with Josephine Amenyona.

But is this really true?

From science and common sense you and I know that cloves or its water has no effect whatsoever on the female vagina and does not make a woman tight down there no matter what. These practices your just read above are not only totally false but can introduce infection such as candidiasis, pelvic inflammatory disease and even urinary tract infection to your body. Female infection like pelvic inflammatory disease can cause tubal blockage, irregular menstrual periods, infertility or inability to conceive a baby later in life. A woman that introduce cloves to her private part is directly or indirectly putting bacteria or even fungi into her urinary tract which will lead to a urinary tract infection and inflammation of the bladder later. Urinary tract infection can cause kidney failure and even miscarriage for women that are pregnant. Apart from infections, this practice can cause you severe burns. Don’t try it!

The female vagina cleans itself naturally. Its muscles regains it original shape and size after stretch…. If you want to be firm down there as a woman, please start Kegel exercises and yoga. Kegel exercises have been found to help strengthen pelvic wall muscles and can make you very tight. If you know what i mean. If you don’t want Kegel exercises, then go and have a vagina tightening surgery done – called vaginoplasty!

Don’t waste your time and money on cloves water. It does not work.


  1. Well I disagree, I have been drinking cloves water almost every morning and it’s had great impact on my virgina. I used to have recurrent candidiasis but now it’s stopped, all thanks to cloves water. I boil and drink and it’s been good to me.

  2. I don’t know about you, but clove socked in water for three days has been working for me. It tightens my vaginia, I mean very tight and my partner enjoys it during sex. I drink it as well for maximal result.

  3. Hi every one, pls I tried this few days ego, after then, I have been having some discharge and pains around there. I don’t know what’s de cause? I am also having pains.

  4. Oh my god thanks alot for this , I just had my baby nd I saw this post on face book that using clove water to wash ur VG can tighten it, I actually did it twice then I stopped am so glad I searched for this. Please how can I tightened the VG without harming myself.

  5. Cloves water really works please. Even if you notice a strange smell and you soak it in water overnight and drink it in the morning, you see some change. Personally, I don’t support putting inside the Miss V but it works for people. Cloves water really works ladies. It really does.

  6. I don’t know about infection but tighten it’s does it for me …. My partner asked if I am a virgin again.
    But not advice to use it to wash VG.
    I just soak the water for 24hours And start drinking little in the morning and before bed time.
    It’s really work… even for weight lost.
    Just drink it little by little don’t over do it .

  7. I disagree with you, so you think having a vagina surgery is better than clove water eiiii scientists ayoo, I’m a mother and clove water has really helped me a lot by tightening my vjay and keeping that place fresh all the time, it increases your libido as well,natural is always the best

  8. So now that people are saying it doesn’t work and others too are saying it works, who should we really believe? Someone has introduced it to me and I’m about starting it because I’ve been having this reoccurring vagina discharge which I’ve been to hospital and spent a lot of money to treat, it stopped for just a year abd it has started again and a lady said I should try this remedy and I’ve already gone to the market to buy the ingredients too. So what should I do now?

  9. I just want to know the side effects first because everything that has advantage also has disadvantage, i just finished soaking my own now but am still waiting for side effects b4 taken it

  10. I have just seen this posted but I pray it works for me. I was diagnosed with a UTI before but I want to clear up the nasty discharge am having. I hope this kind of treatment works out for me.

  11. Thanks for the information on this particular article.
    But let me add this, cloves is one of the best natural ingredients for curing viginal infections. Doing the sitz bath or drinking it,either ways really helps fight viginal infections and also tightens the vigina. You just have to be clean in the preparation of it.
    You researched but we did the practical.

  12. I disagree cuz it really works, since i started this, i dont experience the wierd odour that accompanies sex again due to BV. As well as too much vaginal discharge. Yh, as humans others may react to it, but to some of us who had no reaction, it was a timely intervention.

  13. I have just tried this but to me I didn’t sock it rather I mixed it in ahot water and and then let it cool then washed my v .but whn I was washing I felt alittle bit of pain .hope It won’t harm me 😔

  14. Cloves works well and boasts Ur immune system . It does wonders that you can’t manage to list down. More especially in ejaculation and sexy performance .

  15. Pls my people healp me out. I’m married n Im not getting pregnant so I went to hospital n said I have infection , what is d best way I can treat it fast.

  16. Clove water really does wonders.

    Boil them and drink them in the morning and evening before bedtime.
    Secondly use it to wash your VG.


  17. So now which is which? If cloves does so well to tightening the v and treats infections like the comments mentioned, what then is it’s side effects?
    Likewise if doesn’t work as doc. Mentioned what then should be the solution to v tightening and infection treatments

  18. I used hot water ,cloveand salt like yesterday but one ,but now I feel like burning down there I don’t know why ,but please can you tell me the cause of that


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