Affordable, Available & Prices of the Best Vitamin C Serum in Nigeria

If you have some interest in skincare, you must have heard of serums. Let me tell you something about them, and there is a special kind of serum that helps fade HYPER PIGMENTATION, SUNBURN, and DARK SPOTS — Vitamin c SERUM.

Generally speaking, Serum is a skincare product you can apply to your skin after cleansing but before moisturizing with the intent of delivering powerful ingredients directly into the skin.

Serum is particularly suited to this task because it is made up of smaller molecules that can penetrate deeply into the skin and deliver a very high concentration of active ingredients. This makes them a great tool for targeting specific skincare concerns, like wrinkles. Goodbye, signs of aging!

Now straight to vitamin c serum;

1. It’s safe for most skin types. though, In rare cases, people who have hypersensitive skin may experience minor irritation.

2. It’s hydrating.

3. It’s brightens. Vitamin C can help fade pigmentation and smooth the skin’s surface to reduce dullness. This gives skin a youthful glow.

4. It helps reduce redness and even out your skin tone.

5. It fades hyper pigmentation —including sun spots, age spots, and melasma — occurs when melanin is overproduced in certain areas of the skin. It can also happen in areas where acne has healed.

Vitamin c impedes melanin production. This makes the serum fade dark spots and lead to a more even-toned complexion.

7. It protects against sun damage. Sun damage is caused by molecules called free radicals. These are atoms with a missing electron free radicals search for other atoms from which they can “steal” an electron —and this can lead to significant damage to the skin.

Vitamin C is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants protect healthy skin cells by “giving” these free radicals an electron, rendering them harmless.

8. It may help sooth sunburn. In addition to minimizing redness, vitamin C accelerates cell turnover. This replaces the damaged cells with healthy new ones.

Vitamin C serum is typically applied once or twice per day. A good rule of thumb is to cleanse, tone, apply vitamin C Serum and then Moisturize. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen during the day.

This is my own vitamin c SERUM (Naturals facial vitamin c serum). I bought it #1,700 Naira.
You can easily find this in the market. Please note that your serum must come in a dark bottle; this is to prevent oxidation. If it’s in a clear bottle, it will easily be oxidized by sun exposure and the effects will be annihilated.

Affordable, Available & the Best Vitamin C Serum in Nigeria
Affordable, Available & Prices of the Best Vitamin C Serum in Nigeria – Naturals

Include this into your routine, it will help your ACNES heal too, and you will see the difference.

Other equally important vitamin C serum in Nigeria and their prices include:

➡️Mabox vitamin C serum – #1,400

➡️Truskin vitamin c serum – #2,000

➡️mad hippie vitamin c serum – #2,000 naira

➡️advanced clinicals vitamin c serum – #1,400

➡️Lundborly Vitamin C Serum – #1,900 naira

➡️YouSkin Vitamin C serum – #1, 600 naira

➡️Pretty Cowry vitamin C Serum – #1,800 naira

➡️Youtopia Beauty Vitamin C serum – #2,000 naira

➡️Roushun Vitamin C Serum – #1,500 naira

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