African Walnut: Health Benefits of Nigerian Walnut (African Walnut and Pregnancy)

On tonight’s session, I picked a fruit called WALNUT. In Yoruba, we call walnut Asala or Awusa, in Igbo language, walnut is called ukpa, and in Hausa Language, walnut is called irin goro. Botanical name of walnut is Plukenetia or Tetracarpidium conophorum.

Let’s see the health benefits.

Health Benefits of Nigerian Walnut

1. Walnuts are very beneficial to the cardiovascular system.

2. They help reduce inflammation and boost blood vessel function

3. Walnuts may reduce the risk of certain type of cancer such as that of the breast,colon and prostrate

4. The Omega-3 fatty acids in walnuts are also good for the brain

5. Daily consumption by the elderly improves cognitive function -prevents dementia

6. Walnut contains certain type of oxidant that keeps the immune system healthy

7. It contains essential fatty acids called alpha-linolenic acids.This acid and it’s compound has been associated with stronger and healthier bones and teeth

8. Walnuts have melatonin a compound which is associated with better sleep pattern

9. The folic acid content in walnuts makes it necessary for pregnant woman and the fetus

10. It helps digestive problems. Prevents constipation since it is rich in dietary fibers

11. It may help treat fungal infections

12. It helps improve memory – Nigerian walnut is a brain enhancing fruits.

13. It helps prevent depression

14. It improves the quality,vitality and mobility of sperm

15. It helps prevent morphology or abnormal sperm growth. Nigerian walnuts boost sperm production (sperm count) and it an aphrodisiac.

16. It helps grow healthy hair and strong nails

17. It improves motor function when taken in moderation

18. Eating walnuts helps skin look younger and healthier

19. Walnut oil can be used for protection against dry skin – promotes healthy skin

20. It aids weight management especially weight loss

21. It gives energy

22. It promotes healthy gut.

23. Apart from boosting sperm quality mad quantity, eating walnuts help prevent male infertility.

24. A woman trying to get pregnant should eat loads if Nigerian walnuts since they have been found to boost ovulation and increase fertility in women.

25. Prevents cataract cogenital defects in babies especially brain malformations and neural tube defects.

26. Prevents sleep disorders

27. Walnuts have anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties

28. African walnut is a good fruit for diabetic. Lowers and maintains blood sugar.

29. Nigerian walnuts treats insomnia

30. Walnuts lowers blood pressure and good for hypertensives

African Walnut: Health Benefits of Nigerian Walnuts (African Walnut and Pregnancy)
African/Nigerian Walnuts in pictures.

African Walnuts and Pregnancy

Walnuts are very very healthy in pregnancy and Obstetricians encourage pregnant women to eat loads of them. Consuming walnuts during pregnancy is extremely beneficial for the brain of the tender foetus. Walnuts enables healthy growth of the baby, prevents pregnancy loss, contain folic acid which is necessary in preventing some congenital birth defects especially neural tube defect, and promotes the development of good eye sight by the baby (rich in vitamin A). African walnuts is rich in Iron that helps prevent women prevent and treat iron deficiency anaemia (nutritional anemia)

We’ve come to the end of today’s session,I am already. Don’t forget we are right now in the walnut season in Nigeria (July – October every year). Eat as many African walnuts as possible.

Walnuts have no recorded or reported side effects. Even children can eat it. Enjoy.


Dr Udomoh



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