Nigerian food to eat during menstruation + Home remedy for menstrual pain in Nigeria

8 Nigerian Foods that lesson bothersome symptoms of menstruation.

➡️Green leafy vegetables
➡️Ginger tea
➡️Turmeric tea
➡️Water rich Fruits
➡️Sweet fruits
➡️Chicken pepper soup
➡️Fish pepper soup

Water rehydrates the body. It also prevents dehydration headaches and Bloating. You can also prevent these symptoms by eating Water rich fruits.

These includes cucumber, watermelon, pineapples,oranges,peaches, coconut. During periods, the body craves sweet things. Do not quench that craving by eating sweet junk foods made with refined. Sweet fruits are a great substitute for sugar cravings.

Green leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage and lettuces help replenish iron lost during menstruation, especially those who have heavy flow.

A warm cup of homemade ginger tea helps to soothe cramps/pain. It also reduces nausea (feeling like vomiting). ginger and turmeric are natural anti-inflammatory spices that lessen pain and generally promote menstrual and reproductive health.

Nigerian food to eat during menstruation + Home remedy for menstrual pain in Nigeria
Nigerian food to eat during menstruation

Chicken is a great source of iron and protein. It is also filling thereby discouraging binge eating or unhealthy cravings. Fish is another great source of iron, protein and omega 3 fatty acid. It reduces pain during menstruation.

Women who have mood swings and depression during their periods would also benefit from including fish into their diet.

This is as a result omega 3 fatty acid contained in fish.

Plain unsweetened yoghurts are really good in relieving menstrual pains.

Feedbacks and Comments from some Nigerian ladies on how they relieve their menstrual cramps naturally.

Adiaha Inyang

For me, it’s Cinnamon tea. Works like magic


Doc, What about warm water and honey. I drink it when i have pains from bloating and it works fine for me. Thank you


I stop drinking cold water and start taking warm water a week to my cycle. Then when my period starts, I endeavour to drink hot water. It reduces the cramps I normally have to a very high extent.


Ok oo.. from personal experience,the day I stopped taking sugar was the day my crazy menstrual cramps stopped. Momma told me,I am glad I listened. It’s been over 15yrs now and no more scary cramps.

Gbemisola Esho

Yes all work like magic particularly Ginger Tea.I practically drink juices and blend vegetables like beetroot , water melons,cucumbers and pineapples through out. Yoghurt too works.


Thanks Dr, I can testify to these therapy,
Green veggies √
Ginger tea ( I eat it fresh sometimes)√
Fresh fuits/homemade smoothies (not very cold)

Do this during off days and you’ll have a peaceful flows with little or zero pain


Ginger and Tumeric tea does the things. I drank it today after my periods made me vomit and now I’m all good.

Credit: Dr Kelechi Okoro


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