Health Benefits of Tuwo masara, How to prepare Tuwo Masara, Tuwo Masara Recipes. Tuwo masara in English.

Tuwo Masara is a Nigeria swallow organic food prepared from Corn.


Welcome back to today’s article, i apologize for skipping yesterday’s post it was due to my busy schedule. Besides, how is the weekend going? In today’s article i will be taking us on How to Make “Tuwo Masara” (The Hausa and Fulani Version Of Maize Meal).

Tuwo masara in Huasa is the equivalent of tuwo agbado (corn flour swallow) in Yoruba.

What is tuwo masara made from?

Tuwo masara is made from corn. Tuwon masara is a corn flour dish eaten in the northern part of Nigeria. To prepare tuwon masara you must first allow the maize dry and afterwards you grind or blend it.

Tuwo masara in English means “cooked corn meal”.

Health benefits of tuwo masara

The reason i love eating this meal is because of it’s health benefits which are as follows,

1. It is Nutritious and highly appetizing.
2. It Prevents constipation
3. Reduces stomach acidity. It is anticancer.
4. It reduces the symptoms of certain cancers and
5. Reduces the risk of diabetes and heart diseases. Another reason is because I can use it as a substitute for Garri (Eba).
6. Boost immune system
7. Boost production of red blood cells. Treats anemia.
8. Good for the the eyes, contains vitamin A.
9. Prevents colon cancer since it contains alot of fibre.
10. Aids the digestive system
11. Helps reproductive health
12. Tuwo masara is Keto compliant
13. Tuwo masara is a very important swallow for persons that want to burn belly fat.

TUWO MASARA: Health Benefits, How to prepare Tuwo Masara, Tuwo Masara Recipes
Tuwo masara has numerous health benefits, here is how to prepare it.

Tuwo Masara Nutritional content

1 Cup =

360 calories
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
No cholesterol
Little fats.


i. 1 cups corn meal / corn flour (coarse type)
ii. 2 cups of water


1. Boil some water in a small sauce pan and set to boil on medium heat.

2. After that, Add the corn bit by bit and stir continuously until you get a thick and stretchy mix (just like Eba), you can add more corn meal if you want it very thicker (but remember the mixture is thick and stretchy.

3. Add a little water, cover the sauce pan, then reduce the heat to low heat and allow for 2 minutes, after 2 minutes mix thoroughly until the Tuwon is smooth. Serve Hot and ENJOY!

Tuwon Masara is best served with soups like, Miyan Taushe (Vegetable Soup), Miyan Kuka (Baoba Soup), Miyan Kubewa (Okra Soup), Miyan Agushi (Melon Soup) and lots more of your choice.

Happy Weekend to you all. Have fun, till next week Monday where we’ll be having foodie news update.



Dr Udomoh


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