Healthy Nigerian meat pie recipe, mr. biggs meat pie recipe, How to make Nigerian meat pie with stove, how to preserve Nigerian meat pie.

Meat pie is a common snack in Nigeria sold and made locally and in some eateries like Mr. Biggs, Kaydies etc.

Want to learn how to make Nigerian meat pie with stove?

Many people want to make meat pie locally and in the Nigerian way that is without oven. I got some answers for you from @TspicesKitchen below:

How to make MEAT PIE at HOME without an OVEN!

Don’t Scroll pass!

LEARN how to make the Simplest & Delicious Nigerian pie from the Scratch.

You will stop buying Pie outside if you try this recipe 😁

Nigerian Meat pie recipe
Making meat pie in Nigeria without stove or oven

Simple Ingredients for the Dough & the Filling

Screenshot or Bookmark Thread so you can get back to it later…

As stated, it’s preferable to use Ice Cold Water & even butter for the Dough..

For the minced meat, get from a supermart or use a Blender to grind meat in pieces.

Recipes or Ingredients for Nigerian meat pie.

1. Dough ingredients
➡️caster/granulated sugar 1-2 Tbspn(optional)
➡️3 eggs (2 for dough 1 for glazing)
➡️ice cold water 1/8 cup or less
➡️Salt 1/2 tbspn each
➡️Baking powder
➡️Plain flour 4 cups
➡️ Margarine/baking butter (250gram). Preferably cold.

Healthy Nigerian meat pie recipe
Recipes for meat pie in Nigeria

2. Filling Ingredients for Nigerian meat pie

➡️diced onions (1/2 cup)
➡️water (1/2 cup)
➡️diced Irish potatoes (2-3 medium size)
➡️minced meat (300g ie 1 and 1/2 ML cup)
➡️Seasoning powder (1-2 cubes)
➡️Salt to taste
➡️Plain flour (2 tbspn)
➡️vegetable oil (1 cooking spoon)
➡️minced pepper scotched bonnet (atarodo) (1 -2 pieces)
➡️ Ginger and garlic powder (1/2 tbspn each)
➡️Thyme and curry (1/2 teaspoonful each)

How to prepare NIGERIAN meat pie
Homemade Nigerian meat pie ingredients. Prepare without stove or oven

Oya.. Let’s Bake…

We are starting with the sauce..

Whether you start with dough or sauce, end result is the kokoGrinning face with smiling eyes

Pepper in meat pie??


I’m not yoruba, but I love my pepper die
Feel free to remove it or add more sef…

How to make Nigerian meat pie – Instructions

➡️Place a pot on medium heat and add add oil
➡️When it hot….. add onions
➡️Pour the minced meat and stir to break up clumps
➡️Fry for 3 – 5 minutes or till it loses its pinkness.
➡️Add the pepper (optional)
➡️Add diced carrots or potatoes
➡️add seasoning cubes and salt to taste
➡️Add curry, thyme, garlic and ginger powder

Check out these pictures for a summarized tip for making Homemade Nigerian meat pie please.
Directions for making Nigerian meat pie without stove

What kind of flour?

We are using the normal Multipurpose flour..

Yea… Same one for cake..

We added flour to the sauce to thicken it and keep it moist and tasty

So mix flour with cold Butter/margarine till you get a crumbly consistency.

Are you following??

➡️add water (1 cup more or less)
➡️Cover and cook till the veggies are soft (especially the potatoes)
➡️while it is cooking…. Mix flour together (2 tbspn and 1/2 cup)
➡️add the flour mixture to the sauce (to thicken and make the sauce moist)
➡️Mix thoroughly
➡️ Leave to simmer for 3 -5 minutes.
➡️ Take off heat and set aside.
➡️Pour the flour in a bowl (sifted)
➡️add other dry ingredients…. Baking powder,
salt, sugar
➡️add margarine/butter
➡️mix thoroughly with flour till you get a crumbly consistency.

These images further summarizes the preparation of meat pie.

Ok… I know a lot of other recipes don’t ask for egg in meat pie dough.

I like to add egg to make the dough more easy to work with & for a better result!

You’ll love it.

Drop in a fridge to rest for few minutes.

If you have any questions, pls ask o.

Continuation of these instructions, this time all in pictures.

If you have an oven, carry go…

If you don’t, get a big pot… Fill with salt or nothing and bake!!

Note: reduce your heat to the LOWEST…

It should be ready in 1-2 hours depending on your pie size.

For the oven people, 45 minutes is fair enough.

These last pictures shows the last stage of the preparation of Homemade Nigerian meat pie ready to eat.

Yummy Nigerian meat pie is ready to eat

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