Nigerian diet plan for flat tummy & Nigerian food timetable for flat tummy.

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It is always desirable to have a flat stomach or belly.. Having a flat tummy not only boost public confidence but also make us look fit and cute in our clothes. It is true that exercise combined with diet will enable us lose excess weight as well as burn excess fat from the tummy. That is why some persons draft a meal plan to help them achieve weight loss or a flat tummy.

Now what is a meal plan or food timetable ?

According to WEBMD, “A meal plan, diet plan or food timetable is any strategy used to map out what you’re going to eat. This term may refer to following a specific diet, or it may just indicate the process of thinking through what you plan to eat beforehand.” A meal plan is usually drafted for diabetics, persons that want to go Keto, persons who weight-loss or weight gain regimen , person that want to have a flat tummy and so on.

The aim of this article is to drawup a suitable and workable one week meal plan for Nigerians that want to burn belly fat so as to have a flat belly and also for Nigerians that want to shed or lose weight.

Why researching on the best Nigerian meal plan to burn excess stomach fat so as to have a flat stomach I stumbled upon one drafted by a fitness expert called Nana Konadu and I culled her well thought meal plan to use for our teeming readers who want a flat tummy….

Here is food timetable for flat tummy below:

“Meal plan for 4 weeks challenge. How to burn belly fat in one to 4 weeks (a month) in Nigeria🔥


For effective result please follow this 👇
1. Drink 2 to 3litres of water everyday
2. Walk 30mins or 1hour everyday
3. Skip the juice and eat fruits everyday
4. Warm water in the morning first thing if you don’t have the detox tea 🍵
5. Sleep 7 to 8 hours a day

👉MONDAY breakfast: Oats with chia seeds
👉MONDAY lunch: Grilled chicken+steamed broccoli+ peas+ avocado
👉MONDAY dinner: Fish+brown rice +vegetables sauce

👉TUESDAY breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled + Orange
👉TUESDAY lunch: Spinach sauce+ sweet potato OR Banana, apple, kiwifruit, berries with chia seeds smoothie
👉TUESDAY Dinner: Pasta +chicken + vegetables sauce with teaspoon of coconut oil

👉WEDNESDAY breakfast: Avocado+ banana + 2 slice of Ezekiel bread/multigrain slice
👉WEDNESDAY lunch: Ground chicken sauce+ Pasta+Apple
👉WEDNESDAY dinner: Fish +asparagus+Carrots, steamed with peas.

Nigerian diet plan for flat tummy & Nigerian food timetable for flat tummy
Before and after pictures of Nana Konadu after following through her food timetable for flat tummy

👉THURSDAY breakfast: 2 boiled eggs +cup of greek yogurt(NO SUGAR ADDED)+Strawberry
👉THURSDAY lunch: Fish+ Plantain + spinach sauce OR Berries, watermelon, apple and chia seeds smoothie
👉THURSDAY dinner: chicken +tomatoes+ cauliflower+ avocado and cucumber

👉FRIDAY breakfast: 2 slice of whole wheat +peanut spread +1 egg + Kiwifruit
👉FRIDAY Lunch: Salad +grilled chicken
👉FRIDAY Dinner: Garlic shrimp +broccoli+ bell peppers+berries

👉SATURDAY breakfast: Oat + chia seeds+ strawberries (NO SUGAR ADDED)
👉SATURDAY lunch: Beans + plantain+ watermelon OR GREEN SMOOTHIE
👉SATURDAY dinner: Vegetables fried carrots ,green, onions ,red pepper etc

👉SUNDAY breakfast: Oatmeal with chia seeds+strawberries
👉SUNDAY lunch: Turkey or chicken wrap with vegetables and 1 apple
👉SUNDAY dinner: Spicy fish carrots soup with anything of your choice.”

Nigerian diet plan for flat stomach
Combine your meal plan with good tummy exercises to achieve a flat tummy. No shortcuts.

Follow this Nigerian diet plan for flat stomach or Nigerian recipe for flat tummy religiously and combined with exercises and watch your pot belly disappear with the development of six packs. You can also lose tremendous amount of weight with this meal plan.


The end

Meal Plan is from:

Healthy Lifestyle with Nana Konadu, Inside Out with contribution by Dr Udomoh for NIMEDHEALTH.



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