Stretch mark treatment in Nigeria: How to make stretch mark cream in Nigeria?

Stretch mark treatment in Nigeria: How to make stretch mark cream in Nigeria? Ingredients for making stretch marks removal cream in Nigeria. How to make scar removal cream in Nigeria.

Stretch Marks are very annoying because it makes us very uncomfortable and also lose our self-esteem. Stretch are unsightly and many persons have device different treatment modalities and home remedies to deal with their stretch marks. Making homemade natural creams is cheap, and cheap.



1 table spoon coconut oil
1 table spoon cocoa butter
1 table spoon shea butter
1 table spoon avocado oil
1 table spoon miracle powder
10 drops of vitamin E oil
1 table spoon of lavender oil
15 drops of Frankincense oil


➡️Do a double boiler
➡️Pour the shea butter
➡️Pour cocoa butter
➡️Pour coconut oil
➡️Pour avocado oil
➡️Pour lavender oil
➡️Pour vitamin E oil
➡️Add the miracle powder

Stretch mark treatment in Nigeria: How to make stretch mark cream in Nigeria?
DIY: You can make your own stretch marks cream yourself with the listed ingredients

Stir the ingredients together to mix very well, when the ingredients dissolve, stir again
until they blend very well.

Remove from fire, pour the cream into an air tight container and use regularly, the
stretch mark will fade away.

Note: you can increase the ingredients depending on the quantity you want to make.


➡️Vitamin E oil
➡️Vitamin C oil
➡️Coconut oil
➡️Shea butter
➡️Argan oil
➡️Aloe Vera (natural one)
➡️Carrot oil
➡️Vitamin A

Mix them thoroughly and apply to the part of your body affected by stretch marks. Scientifically proven: Vitamin E oil, Vitamin C oil, Coconut oil, Shea butter, Argan oil, Aloe Vera (natural one), Honey , Carrot oil
and Vitamin A oil are very good for the skin. They oil combo helps to fade out or remove stubborn stretch marks and even dark spots. Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and coconut oil for example, help to strengthen the collagen in the skin, tighten loosen skin and remove stretch marks and other skin blemishes.

Since stretch marks are scarring from skin damage, coconut oil might help heal the appearance quickly. These stretch mark creams are also used to remove scars and dark spots.

APPLICATION: Massage the prepared stretch mark cream gently into the skin morning and night before going to bed. For proper penetration use a derma roller

How does this home made stretch marks cream work?

✔Enrich skin with reducing lines and strecth marks on abdomen, thighs, hip, derriere and other area,
✔Increase elasticity and strength of skin,
✔Quickly absorbed into body,
✔Stimulate cell growth and making skin firmer.

Other forms of stretch marks removal

The emerging new treatment for stretch marks removal are: Laser therapy, needling, and microdermabrasion. These methods are however, expensive and invasive.

Stretch marks are caused by sudden weight gain or sudden weight loss, rapid growth in body size especially in teenagers, pregnancy, child bearing, change of body creams, change of body soaps, and skin bleaching or skin toning.

PS: It is important to note that it is very important to maintain a steady weight during the treatment for stretch marks as gaining weight or losing weight while being treated for stretch marks removal will worsen your stretch marks. In other words, attain a certain weight say 60 or 70kg or more before starting the treatment for stretch marks removal. With this, you will get a better result.

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