Can a woman be pregnant for 8 years? Can a woman be pregnant for 3 years? Is it possible to stay pregnant for 5 years?

Controversies never ends in Nigeria Twitter, recently, TwitterNG was thrown into a frenzy when a lady narrated how she knew a woman that was pregnant for 8 good years before finally giving birth to a bouncing baby boy.Unverified, her story was carried by Instablog Naija and other social media platforms…

Here is the story as published by Instablog:

This story immediately throw up arguments between Nigerian doctors, nurses, and other health care workers who downplayed the possibility and called it an outright lie while other very religious Nigerians said it was possible and a miracle.

This is a Science blog and am going to only give the perspectives of medical doctors who with scientific facts said it was not possible.

Can a woman be pregnant for 8 years? Doctors speak!

Dr Olufunmilayo said the woman probably had fibroids for a long time before she eventually got pregnant. In his words:

“Let me explain how this outrageous stories happen.

The woman may have fibroid for years.
Huge fibroids may cause a big tummy-
So she and people around her will label it as pregnancy.

Along the line she gets pregnant.
Then they count the pregnancy age from when she had fibroids.

Can a woman be pregnant for 8 years? Can a woman be pregnant for 3 years?
Is it possible to be pregnant for 8 years?

Another thing to say is that fibroids tend to cause period irregularities, big tummy and other signs that could easily be mistaken for a “pregnancy”.

And if it happens to a woman already seeking a child, it’s easy to mistakenly label or tell people that fibroid is a “pregnancy”.

So imagine someone has had fibroids for 7years, then gets pregnant; she would tell you she has been pregnant for 7 years.

But actually she has had a fibroid all along and only just got pregnant.

I’ve seen cases like this.
And many times, the lady may not know she had fibroids.”


In a series of tweets, an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist @NaijaObgyn called it a baby scam. She also requested for a DNA test. In her words:


Pregnancy is meant to last for 280 days which is 40 weeks in humans

Some babies can still survive two additional weeks.

After 42 weeks, the placenta starts aging rapidly & the water that provides food for them also starts drying up.

So what has the baby been feeding on for 8 years?

Then how come baby isn’t getting older in those 8 years?

We all know how an 8 year old looks, can that be in a woman’s tummy?

Can the owners of this babies do agree to a DNA test?

A recent victim of this scam found out because the baby was HBSS while they were both AA!

Delay in pregnancy is stressful but don’t accept impossible & criminal options

Please don’t fall for scammers, those babies they give YOU belong to SOMEONE ELSE &they may be hurting.”


Aproko Doctor:

“So they told you that a woman carried a pregnancy for 8 years and you believed?

Come on na! 8 years and the baby did not come out with pubic hair at least.

Who scanned the pregnancy for 8 years?

Likely explanation: A large fibroid that grew slowly then she got pregnant”


Dr Udomoh says it is completely impossible as the placenta will not be able to support it. In his tweets:

“The placenta function reduces drastically after 9 months of pregnancy and it can NEVER sustain an unborn baby’s nutrients for 8 years.

The woman had fibroids all along before getting pregnant.”


You can now see that no woman can carry a pregnancy for up to 8 years. Not possible.

Caveat: Featured image is representative.


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