African Salad: Health Benefits of Abacha food (Abacha and Pregnancy), Is Abacha healthy?, Abacha food calories, Is African Salad good for weight loss? Is Abacha good for weight loss?

What is Abacha called in English?

Answer: African Salad

Abacha, also known as African Salad in English, is a highly nutritious and sumptuous delicacy native to the Igbos in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria. Abacha originated from the igbos in South East Nigeria and “Abacha” is an igbo word.

Other names: African salad is popularly called “Abacha, Abacha Ncha, Abacha and Ugba” by Igbo tribe of Nigeria.

It is usually served at Igbo traditional gatherings and can be enjoyed as a snack, dessert, appetizer or full meal any day.
Abacha is a nutritious and healthy food.

Nutritional Value of Abacha (African Salad)

African Salad is a highly nutritional diet as it contains rich minerals like potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium,Vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron, phosphorous and zinc. As a result of the other ingredients added to the salad, such as crayfish or meat, chili pepper and garden egg, it is rich in protein and crude fibre.

Abacha food calories

Abacha contain 380kcal in 100g.

Abacha Ingredients

According to the Nigerian Guardian, below are the recipes for Abacha:

💠600g abacha
💠2 cups ugba or ukpaka
💠1 cup palm oil
💠2 tbsps powdered potash (do not add potash for pregnant women)
💠Fish, spiced and cooked
💠Ponmo, cooked and sliced
💠1 large onion, chopped
💠1 medium onion, sliced (to serve)
💠6 garden eggs, diced
💠Garden egg leaves, chopped
💠Salt and dry pepper (to taste)
💠4 tbsps ground crayfish
💠2 seasoning cubes
💠1 tsp ground Ehu seeds (Calabash nutmeg)
💠1 tsp ogiri or iru
💠Fresh utazi leaves
💠Boiling water



💠it protects the bones from damages;
💠it aids digestion and boosts blood circulation.
💠Contains good amount of fibre, treats constipation and encourage bowel movement.
💠 Reduces blindness risk
💠Reduces heart diseases
💠Prevents cloning cancer (anticancer)
💠Treats obesity.
💠it is gluten free. Perfect for persons with gluten intolerance.
💠It also is rich in b-complex nutrients.
💠Rich in vitamin C (from the vegetables)
💠High protein source (from the meat, shrimps and orishirishi)
💠Aids good vision and eye health
💠 An antioxidant – mops up free radicals.
💠Rich source of Iron and helps boost blood production on the body.

Is African Salad good for weight loss? Is Abacha good for weight loss?

No, not really. It contains a lot of fibres that helps fills the stomach for sure but don’t forget Abacha has about 380kcal of calories. My friend a food with so much calories will not help you loss weight. Don’t get it twisted, eat with caution.

Health benefits of Abacha food, Abacha calories
Sumptuous African salad on display: Abacha has numerous health benefits and high in calories.

Is Abacha good for a pregnant woman?

Abacha is safe and healthy in pregnancy if it is not prepared with potash. Potash (akanwu) from limestone can cause pregnancy loss(miscarriage) and birth defects in babies. In other words, abacha made with potash is not safe in pregnancy. If you are craving Abacha as a pregnant woman, ensure you eat the one made withoutakanwu. To sum up, Abacha is safe in pregnancy when prepared without potash (kanwu).

Is Abacha Healthy? Side effects of Abacha

Of course yes! However, sometimes, Abacha may be contaminated during the process of preparation due to unhygienic handling and this can cause food poisoningsymptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and abdominal pains.

This can be totally avoided if you wash your hands properly before and during preparation.



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