Health Benefits and Side Effects of Cabbage: Pros and Cons of cabbage.

Welcome to another week,another chance to make things better and for things to be better.How was our weekend? Today in the world of vegetables, I pick cabbage, it’s health benefits are awesome.

Cabbage can be eaten as vegetable, added to salads, or prepared as cabbage juice.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of Cabbage.

Health Benefits of Cabbage

1. Lowers the Signs of Ageing
2. Helps Fight Free Radicals
3. Speeds Up the Recovery Process
Cabbage leaves are used as a poultice. Using these leaves can ease skin eruptions caused by acne, psoriasis, eczema, ulcers, wounds, insect bites and rashes.
4. Improves Complexion
5. May Provide Relief From Allergies
6. May Prevent Cancer
7. Good for the Digestive Tract
8. Promotes Weight Loss
9. Protects the Eye
10. Improves the Health of Hair
11. Improves the Health of the Heart
12. Good for the Brain
13. Helps Strengthen the Bones
14. Regulates Blood Pressure
15. Good for Diabetic Patients
16. Good for Pregnant Women

Cabbage is an abundant source of folates. Folates are critical nutrients required in the early developmental stages of the foetus and helps prevent spinal bifida.

17. Boosts Immunity especially in this era of coronavirus
18. Helps Treat Peptic Ulcer
The presence of anti-inflammation compounds such as glucosinolates helps reduce peptic ulcers in the stomach. Cabbage juice is a remedy for ulcers. It eases the inflammation in the stomach lining and speeds up the recovery process.

Health Benefits and Side Effects of Cabbage: Pros and Cons of cabbage
Health Benefits and Side Effects of Cabbage

If you don’t know the importance of cabbage Leafy green now we both know it works wonders,and it’s very easy to add to our diet,make sure you eat enough vegetables and fruits it helps a whole lot,Keep Fit,Stay Healthy and Stay Safe

Let also talk about the cons of cabbage since I have elaborated the Pros

Side effects of cabbage

To side effects of cabbage affects mainly the women folks (also affects men) . Evidence based research has shown that excessive consumption of cabbage causes goitre which is simply the enlargement of the thyroid gland – the chief endocrine gland in the body that is in charge of body metabolism.

This is because, substances called goitrogens in cabbage can inhibit iodine transport to the thyroid, a process necessary for normal thyroid function.

Some inconclusive studies have linked cabbage to thyroid cancer.

Other side effects cabbage stomach upset especially in persons with irritable bowel syndrome.

Finally, because of its high content of vitamin K, cabbage interacts with some medications such as warfarin and other blood thinners. This may affect their efficacy.



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