Amazing health benefits of Tiger nuts, Dates and Coconut Smoothie for Libido and Fertility. How to make tiger nuts, dates and coconut smoothie, Kunun aya health benefits especially in sexual health.

Dear fellow women

Go get/blend tiger nuts, coconut and dates
Blend them, mix them together, chill them and serve our handsome men.

Hours later, take a shower and put on your night wear.

Everlasting joy awaits you.

I am in my house, praying for you.

Tiger nuts, dates, and coconut cocktail are a sweet, milky drink that produce diary-free combo which can be used as an alternative for cow milk. They are said to be allergen, gluten and dairy free. A smoothie of tiger nuts, coconuts and dates act as viagra for both sexes.

Some of the health benefits are;

➡️Improved digestion,

➡️reduced blood sugar levels,good for diabetics

➡️immune system boost,

➡️stimulates sleep (treats insomnia)

➡️treats constipation (laxative)

➡️ protects the heart against diseases

➡️ improve, refresh and tone up their skin

➡️It has an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial effect.

➡️improves vision

➡️can act as an aphrodisiac for those who suffer low sexual libido.

➡️stimulates ovulation in women

All over the world,people have been harnessing their milky richness for centuries.

So, I’ve created an easy, tested and trusted step by step recipe on how to make this rich, nutritious drink.


– 1 cup of tigernuts (soaked for 24-48 hrs).

– A handful of dates,to sweeten (remove the seeds inside).

– 1 fresh coconut,for extra creaminess.


– Wash your previous soaked tigernuts throughly.

– Do the same for your dates and unshelled coconut.

– Drain nuts and pour into a blender or food processor.

-Add a generous amount of water and blend.

– Add the dates and coconut, and blend till smoothness is achieved.

-Place a sieve bag or a clean white cloth over a bowl,and pour the blended mixture.

-Wait till fully drained, and squeeze the bottom of the sieve to release the rest of the milk.

– Pour the milk into clean containers and store in the refrigerator.

– Some people add ginger to the smoothie

NOTE: Tiger nuts, dates and coconut milk drink has a tendency to coagulate in the fridge. So shake throughly before consumption. And also try to consume as quickly as possible. It’s best consumed when fresh and cold.

Tiger nuts, dates and coconut milk may act as an aphrodisiac – natural viagra

Tiger nuts, dates, conconut and even ginger combo have a history of being used to boost libido and sexual performance in bothen and women.

They are used as aphrodisiacs in Ayurvedic medicine. Furthermore, men and women in Nigeria have used tiger nuts for generations to treat erectile dysfunction, increase sperm count, stimulate ovulation and boost libido.

Health benefits of tiger nuts, dates and coconut smoothie
A blended mixture or smoothie of coconut, dates and tiger nuts acts like an aphrodisiac (natural viagra)

A drink of blended tiger nuts, dates and coconut acts as antioxidants and increase blood flow to the genitals leading to strong erections in both males amd females, improved sexual energy and helps them last longer in bed.

That said, few studies have however investigated these supposed aphrodisiac properties.

One mouse study showed that tiger nuts helped preserve testicular weight and sperm production following heavy metal poisoning.

In a rat study, eating large amounts of tiger nuts for 30 days increased testosterone levels, boosted sexual activity.

Tiger nuts, dates and coconut juice also have great benefits to pregnant women.

Written by Shalom-Hope Efe Jemimah

Edited by Dr Udomoh



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